Atsushi Koyama

Atsushi Koyama graduated from the Tama Art University in 2002 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts specialising in Oil Painting. In addition, he received a Bachelor of Sciene in Mathematics at Tokyo University of Science in 2008. Thereby fusing his two areas of expertise in his art.   Koyama had his first solo exhibition in Tokyo titled “Man Machine” in 2011, with his second show of the same title in 2012. Koyama’s motivation to draw images stems from his inability to digest the things he sees, as he seeks to visualise the vestige of what he selects and how he draws through the working process. Therefore, Koyama’s artworks focus on his activities of creation. Koyama is often more interested in the vestige of how artists work and what they do rather than to understand the concepts of their works.