Filippo Sciascia

Filippo Sciascia (b. 1972, Italy) is an Italian artist based in Bali, Indonesia. He studied art at the Institute of Art, Nordio, Trieste and Fine Arts Academy, Florence, in Italy. His most recent exhibition with Yeo Workshop was 'All We Have' in 2021.

He has had solo exhibitions in various venues in Italy, USA and Southeast Asia such as Sarang I, Yogyakarta, Indoneisa (2016); National Archaeological Museum of Naples, Italy (2013), Museum Castel Dell’ Ovo, Naples (2012); Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta (2011); 54th Exposition Venice Biennale (2011); National University of Singapore Museum (2010); Galleria Poggiali  Firenze in Pietrasanta and Milan (2010); Valentine Willie Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur (2009).

Over many years, Sciascia has explored the pictorial tensions between painting and imaging technology of the new era, challenging the art of painting as a practice. Choosing photographic imagery to re-depict on canvas, Sciascia captures the transitional process from one medium to another in an amalgamation of pixels, lines and forms.

The emphasis on the process in his work rather than on the object demands a profound understanding of the character and history of each media. Sciascia demonstrates this knowledge through his consistent and loyal struggle with the challenges of representation and reality.

  • INNATE, 15 September - 7 November 2021

    INNATE is a dialogue in the gallery that takes the pulse with five cognitive artists - Aki Hassan, Fyerool Darma, Filippo Sciascia, Jonathan Nichols, and Xue Mu - who create across various mediums and who have maintained a continual process-driven studio practice throughout the pandemic times. In this pluralistic exhibition, they articulate their latest findings and ideas in gestural movements present in the works that indicate the unseen processes that made them possible, highlighting the relationship between their works and themselves, or between the marks on the surface and their minds and bodies as the driving force behind them – the most indelible artist’s signature.

  • ALL WE HAVE, 6 March - 30 April 2021

    Yeo Workshop is pleased to present “All We Have”, its second solo exhibition of the works of Bali-based Italian artist Filippo Sciascia. It features both mixed media paintings and sculptures that represent a continuation of Sciascia’s abiding interest in light, and an exploration of the material and motific forms that one of the most fundamental elements of our universe may be embodied in. For the artist, light - and, of course, energy - constitutes the evolution of life and human civilization as we know it, playing a transformative role in the development of mankind’s technological ascendancy. 

  • GODSPEED, 17 August - 15 September 2019

    In his fourth solo exhibition in Singapore, and the first with the gallery, Filippo Sciascia presents new mixed media paintings inspired by the popular expression “Godspeed”. Readdressing the meaning of this phrase as used in popular culture, GODSPEED sees Sciascia explore the term on a universal level, featuring works of various media and presented in disparate styles. Ranging from figurative, abstract, to minimalist works, this exhibition showcases the artist’s diversified approach, demonstrating how a single concept or phrase can be examined in a multitude of ways, enabling Sciascia to investigate wider societal relations between art, nature, science and evolution in his work.


  • Catalogue, 22nd April - 9th June 2019

    Filippo Sciascia’s two works on show belong to an ongoing series that started 10 years ago when he first began exploring the notion of light and its primordial influence on the evolution of homo sapiens. The presence of light allows us to perceive and see the world. The effect of light is one of art’s perennial concerns. Fundamentally, the absence of light is our greatest fear. From the dawn of the human race, light has sheltered us from the evils of the dark: the unknown, the imperceptible, the antithesis of knowledge. Both bearing the same title, Lux Lumina (translated from the Latin as “the light that shines”), these works reflect Sciascia’s growing fascination with science and the implications our current technological turn present to our social relations and ways of being. Made in sequence across various media and engaging with disparate styles, forms and subjects, the works in this series may not appear to correlate but are in fact relational for they share the same conceptual basis. Beyond medium or figuration, Sciascia is interested in exploring how a concept may be treated in multifarious ways to investigate the nexus between life, art, science, and religion.

  • Apertures, 24 June - 3 September 2017

    Yeo Workshop is delighted to present Apertures, a group exhibition featuring the work of Mike HJ Chang, Merryn Trevethan, Xue Mu, and Filippo Sciascia in a presentation of contemporary artefacts, comprising painting, photography and sculpture, that come together to present conceptions of light and its role in visual perception. These artworks are indices of the contemporary experience, highlighting the lenses of perception that currently filter the everyday experience of individuals, and conceiving a narrative of light and luminance as that which informs and structures our senses of perception and experiences of the world.