Fyerool Darma

Fyerool Darma graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore in 2012. He continues to live and work in Singapore.

These object and material experimentations are based on an extensive visual vocabulary drawn from popular culture, literature, the archives, the Internet and the artist's own life.

He has presented his projects through group exhibitions such as As the West Slept, Silver Art Projects; Transient Museum of a Thousand Conversation: LIR at ISCP (International Studio and Curatorial Program), both in New York, United States; Lost and found: Imagining new worlds, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore (all in 2019) and An Atlas of Mirrors, Singapore Biennale (2016), and his long-term project After Ballads, NUS Museum, Singapore (2017-18).

He was Artist-in-Residence (1 October 2019 – 28 April 2020) at NTU - Centre of Contemporary Arts where he presented Vivarium (wiifl∞w w/ l4if but t4k£ ø forms, ♥) at the Centre’s Vitrine.

  • Sunny, your smile ease the pain, 15 June - 14 July 2019

    Developed as a tribute to his parents, the title is appropriated from Boney M.’s ‘Sunny’, a song released in 1976, which his parents enjoyed in their youth. Growing up, Fyerool often conflated the word ‘sunny’ (or sun) with seni. While the former references the sun and is associated with light-hearted moments, the latter is an ‘adapted’ word in the Malay language for art - or an aesthetic pursuit.  

    The exhibition presents Fyerool’s aesthetic pursuits - a selection of works made from 2017 to 2019. Presented as an assemblage of bleached canvases, framed digitally edited found images, folded textiles and works on paper, the artist’s oeuvre is presented ironically as one single body.

  • Catalogue, 22nd April - 9th June 2019

    Fyerool Darma’s practice is informed by the archival materials that constellates between myths, history and philosophy as a way in understanding how the past shapes the present, but resist by forming new languages distinct from its existing templates. The method displays a meditative exercise in understanding the relations between modes of interaction, mirroring Fyerool’s interest in reading in textual archives (history and myth), as points, where interactions of individuals in spaces is located. The portrait titled Portrait No. 17 (A Man of Banana and Thorns), is Fyerool’s contemplation of the oral narrative he grasps as well as the readings of Munshi Abdullah, where a conflated view of the writer, as an interlocutor of the then British East India Company and further enquiring on Munshi Abdullah’s role as ‘Father of Modern Malay Literature’.

    The artist’s practice is also concerned with exhibition methods and distribution of the art object. As in his previous works, where the frame is deliberately fabricated and cut, this particular series is hung or suspended to speak to collections of textiles within museology. This particular work titled Those who linger by the berth savour your silence (Gersang), is framed in an ostentatious pink chrome frame, adopting the contemporary aesthetic of commercial objects of desires, cars, etc,. The work turns into an object of glamor, a perversion within the image’s evolution from its beginnings of a simple abstract idea.

  • Monsoon Song, 9 September - 29 October 2017

    Yeo Workshop is pleased to present ‘Monsoon Song’, the second solo exhibition by Fyerool Darma. Drawing from the aesthetics of urban subcultures, traditional ceremonies and the folk craft of Singapore, Malaysia and the region, this exhibition brings into collision a range of seemingly hostile sounds, images and objects, and gives expression to the synthetic conformation of Southeast Asian cultures.

  • Threads and Tensions, 16 January - 28 February 2021

    A group exhibition featuring five international artists (Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Brussels, and America) working with textile. In these works that are part of a wider chapter of the artists’  interests, fabric is painted on, treated, ornamented, dyed, collaged and embroidered suggesting the possibilities of textiles beyond mere ornamentation or utility, deploying the medium as a tool of resistance, reflection, and rumination.

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