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Jim Allen Abel (JIMBO)


Jim Allen Abel (b. 1975 Makassar, Indonesia) aka Jimbo completed a Bachelor of Arts in Photography at Indonesian Art Institute in 2005. After graduating he went on to work as a commercial photographer for some of Indonesia's top music bands touring extensively throughout the archipelago. Since leaving commercial photography work, Jimbo has gone on to present his work at Korean International Art Fair, Photography Biennale Musee du Quay Paris France, CP Biennale Jakarta, Art Stage Singapore, Art Dubai, Art | Jog, Cryptic Festival Glasgow Scotland, Bazaar Art Jakarta, Centre for Contemporary Photography Melbourne, Ricoh Ring Cube Tokyo, White Cube Gallery Kuala Lumpur, Element Art Space Singapore, Bangkok Cultural Art Centre, SongEun Seoul, Oz Fest Adelaide, Cemeti Art House and D Galeri Jakarta.

Based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Jimbo is an active member of Mes56, an artist collective focused on the critical exploration of contemporary photographic practices, since its inception in 2002. Jimbo's works primarily respond to and comment on the ways historical events are interpreted through the prism of power politics, investigating hierarchical power structures and their effects on social and interpersonal relationships.