Kar-men Cheng

Kar-men has just graduated from the Fine Arts Master’s program at Lasalle University, her first formal foray into a studio practice. Previously, she held jobs in advertising, management consulting, and academia. Working in this array of fields enabled her to interact with extremely different institutions and world views, and sharpen her confusion on the human condition. Kar-men’s decision to venture into art was motivated by her need for an open space to define her research, and combine critical analysis with storytelling and chance. Extending her past investigations into culture as a site of power struggle, Kar-men observes different modes of communication to uncover links between identity formation and language. Her practice deals with participatory exchanges– mementos, found video footages or experiments in which she alters different social spaces and tracks the dialogues that emerge.

Kar-men has participated in two residencies– Tropical Lab 2019, hosted by Lasalle University, and Ideascity 2020, hosted by the New Museum and NTU Centre of Contemporary Arts. She has shown work in Galeri RJ Katamsi, Yogyakarta, Sesama, Yogyakarta, the online show In Spite Of…, and in two open calls, National Arts Council’s Streets of Hope, and National Gallery’s Gallery Light Up.

Visit her website see more of her works.

  • Art X Action II: What Resonates, 1 December - 27 December 2020

    An Online Video Art Festival by Yeo Workshop