Moi Tran

Born in Vietnam with Chinese Heritage, Moi Tran is an artist based in the UK with training and background in Fine Art and Theatre. Her multidisciplinary practice as Artist, Researcher, Performance Maker and Designer explores the intersections between Contemporary Art and Live Performance.

Through a research-based practice she creates live performance, video, object making, music, text and installation to examine the way social, ecological and political technologies shape our private, social and geographical identities. Collaboration and examinations of a common emotional vocabulary underpin her work. She works with performers including, poets, dancers, actors, community-performers from transnational identity groups to challenge conventional performance making and the performer/viewer exchange, using improvisation and duration to investigate alternative ideas of protest and resistance. Her work questions the intersectional issues of colonial exploitation, including displacement and the affected states of society cohesion, community identity, gender inequality and diaspora visibility.

Moi Tran is committed to advocating the power of diaspora space as a site for critical knowledge production through acknowledging the raw value of emotive recognition, in doing so, confronting overlooked micro aggressions, such as emotional inequalities that often escape a critical assessment of culpability and complicity.

  • Reseach Paper: Reconfiguring the Value of Sadness - 2018

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