Founded by Woon Tien Wei and Jennifer Teo in 2007, Post-Museum is an art collective that has been running for 12 years. They aim to encourage and support a thinking, caring and pro-active community through their artistic practice. In addition to their artistic projects and events, they also curate, research and collaborate with a network of social actors and cultural workers. Post-Museum is currently operating in Singapore. 

Post-Museum has been included in various international exhibitions and events, including Busan Biennale 2012 (Korea), 2010 Next Wave Festival (Melbourne, Australia) and The 4th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 2009 (Japan).

  • Food, Lions and Zombies, 19th July-11th August

    Being shown as a solo exhibition in a private art gallery for the first time, "Food, Lions, and Zombies" pertains to what sustains us, our dreams, and what refuses to die. The title of the exhibition encapsulates the collective’s practice and the works they are showing. The exhibition traces the collective’s works and projects, from their early beginnings before they were formally established up until now.

    Iconic works are carefully selected to showcase various milestones in the development of the collective’s artistic practice over the years. The works are curated and installed such that each piece ‘bleeds’ into the other; similar to their artistic practice where they merge art, life, the social, the political, and the personal.


    While "Food, Lions, and Zombies" foregrounds Post-Museum’s cultural activist and archival projects, Post-Museum has a diverse and multi-facetedpractice, that goes beyond their socio-political projects. Their collaborative work with The Artists Village, The Bali Project rethinks art historical narratives in Singapore. The project recreates and reinterprets well-known paintings by the pioneer Nanyang Artists and the Nanyang Style. 

  • Catalogue, 22nd April - 9th June 2019

    A selection of artworks each representing an artist’s decisive thesis marrying their innovative belief to a strong craft. A piece of writing will unravel the artworks’ symbolic value by measuring its’ contribution to contemporary culture and context. This gallery programme aims to highlight the histories of these artworks to a nurturing and knowledge-driven community. 

    Shown in Catalogue was Untitled (SPF Acknowledgement Slip I), a painting reproducing the image of Mr Koh Eng Khoon’s police acknowledgement slip that accompanied an article from The Online Citizen. Sungei Road Market was slated for closure on 11 July 2017. Vendors and members of the public had been trying to convince the government to allow the market to operate at an alternative location. Koh, who was then the Chairman of the Sungei Road Market Association, was actively campaigning for its preservation and was deemed the spokesperson for the 80-year-old street market. On 27 April 2017, police officers paid a visit to Koh at midnight claiming that he was under suspicion of sending a threatening letter to the Deputy Prime Minister. The police then confiscated Koh’s phone for their investigation and he was handed a pol ice acknowledgement slip. This painting was shown as part of the Guerilla Art Hunt Project by Post-Museum. Guerilla Art Hunt is an artistic gesture painted in the naive childlike style expressing disappointment in the authorities' decision to close Sungei Road Market.