Rizki Resa Utama (OQ)

Rizki Resa Utama, also known as OQ, (b. 1982) is a time-based media artist who was born in Indonesia but is currently located in Berlin, Germany. His work draws upon this international transition, allowing his own traditional heritage to complement his newly formed international influences.  He also deals with the complexity of "translation" in social-culutral context, and questions how differences are defined, represented, and addressed to our collective consciousness. Mainly working with the medium of video, his work acts as an experimental plateau upon which he questions human interaction within the confinements of time and space. Depicted in the most realistic and confrontational manner, the work acts as an invitation towards its viewers. Capturing the attention of passer-bys, the work is able to generate a process of self-reflection.

OQ is currently in the process of completing his academic studies as a PhD candidate in Fine Arts at University of Applied Arts, Vienna, AT; and has completed an array of exhibitions, film-screenings and performances all over the world. Likewise his practice has been highly awarded with residencies in Geneva, CH in 2017.  He is currently working on research and collection of materials for his upcoming work "Balimajinese". 

  • looping loopholes, 24 April - 28 June 2015

    The exhibition deals with the repetitive, reflexive interaction between people, space/place and time. With flair and a good sense of humor, the artists raise the question whether we can embrace mistakes as a blessing in disguise. Breaks and tears, chance and change are inevitable, even though only slightly visible/audible at first, when an action is – or: has to be – repeated over and over again. Failure and a deviation from perceived standards are common treads to who we are/can be(-come) in particular places and times (including how we are perceived and received by others in public and private instances).