Filippo Sciascia: GODSPEED
17 August - 15 September 2019

Yeo Workshop is pleased to present GODSPEED, a forthcoming solo exhibition featuring latest works by Bali-based Italian artist Filippo Sciascia.

In his fourth solo exhibition in Singapore, and the first with the gallery, Filippo Sciascia presents new mixed media paintings inspired by the popular expression “Godspeed”. Readdressing the meaning of this phrase as used in popular culture, GODSPEED sees Sciascia explore the term on a universal level, featuring works of various media and presented in disparate styles. Ranging from figurative, abstract, to minimalist works, this exhibition showcases the artist’s diversified approach, demonstrating how a single concept or phrase can be examined in a multitude of ways, enabling Sciascia to investigate wider societal relations between art, nature, science and evolution in his work.

Sciascia reflects and inquires into the phraseology of “Godspeed”, an expression commonly used to convey good wishes to someone embarking on a journey. As a non-native English speaker, Sciascia found this meaning to be peculiar, piquing his interest. Having always read it as two separate words “god speed”, he interpreted it as the idea of God speeding up nature through the process of evolution. This dichotomy is something that has consistently been explored in the artist’s work, with such interpretations already observable in his ongoing series, Lux Lumina. Extending from this series, Sciascia deconstructs pre-existing notions of the phrase “Godspeed” investigating this specifically through the evolutionary journey experienced by mankind. Whilst creating these works, Sciascia coincidently found himself in a self-reflexive position, retracing his own journey and personal evolution as an artist.

Events & Projects

Artist in Conversation: The Influence of Light in Art with Ms Tan Siuli (Head of Collections & Senior Curator, Singapore Art Museum)

Saturday, 17 August 2019 | 2 - 4 PM

In conjunction with Filippo Sciascia's solo exhibition, GODSPEED, Tan Siuli will be in dialogue with the artist, speaking on the influence of light in art. The programme begins with a pictorial presentation by Tan, linking Sciascia's work to the use and depiction of light in both Eastern and Western cultures. Following Tan’s presentation will be a conversation and Q&A session with the artist and audience.