29 July 2016 to 28 August 2016

Juka Araikawa

Krister Olsson

Jasmine Little

Weixin Chong

Xiangyun Loh


Yeo Workshop is delighted to present ‘Klaus,’ an exhibition of Singaporean and Los Angeles-based artists, including Hayama Projects – an artist collective comprised of Singapore-based Mike Chang and Los Angeles-based co-founders Juka Araikawa and Krister Olsson, artists Jasmine Little and Luca Lam, Weixin Chong, and Xiang Yun Loh.

The exhibition will feature experimental kinetic sculptures, photography, painting and drawings all set in installation format, and aims to explore the idea of mapping and interpretation of maps.

Using the familiar folktale ‘Hansel and Gretel’ by the Brothers Grimm as inspiration, the artists imagine an alternative plot using a character named Klaus, who is a village boy. Klaus chances upon the woods and retrieves breadcrumbs left by Hansel and Gretel – in a trail that was initially meant to lead them home. Instead of potentially saving Hansel and Gretel from being eaten by the witch, Klaus’ curiosity leads him to collect the leftover breadcrumbs in an attempt to piece together and reassemble a full piece of bread. His action inevitably changes the plot and focus of the story. Set against this background, Klaus embodies a figure of idiosyncrasy, misinterpretation and misappropriation. The exhibition also highlights the act of re-mapping due to materials ending up in the wrong, and in this case innocent, hands. The artists included in this exhibition each have practices that explore themes of memory, landscape, and labyrinth. Each artist’s new work for the exhibition is his/her way of re-examining and re-locating points of emphasis within this new narrative.


29 July 2016, 7-9pm

Opening Performance by Luca Lum and Weixin Chong

30 July 2016, 2-4pm

Artist Talk "Someone Else's Map" by Hayama Projects