Maryanto: Story of Space
28 March - 31 May 2017

Maryanto makes art to engage in social and political activism. Deeply concerned about environmental issues, his inspiration stems from his observation of the physical landscape and its changes brought about by human interference. From drawings and paintings, to sculptures and installations, Maryanto’s exhibitions visualise themes of environmental exploitation and its political consequences. He believes that landscapes are rich in their untold narratives and it is through his detailed visualisation and representation of landscape in his works that he highlights the importance of protecting the environment. Story of Space presents a synthesis of utopian and dystopian reflections of landscape and the environment by pulling together elements from his previous exhibitions; Space of Exception (2015, Yeo Workshop) and Mineral Desire (2016, Art Basel Hong Kong). Story of Space is a place of thinking and reflecting on narratives or stories of the land, journeying through the past into the reality of the present to the possibility of a future. 


28 March 2017, 6-9PM

Meet the Artist & Exhibition Tour