Mike HJ Chang: Calendar of Dilation
7 November 2020

Yeo Workshop is proud to present Calendar of Dilation, an upcoming solo exhibition by Singapore-based Taiwanese -American artist Mike HJ Chang. This exhibition marks the second solo collaboration between Chang and Yeo Workshop, following 2015's Dog and Butterfly.

Finding its conceptual roots in Chang’s experiences aboard the oil tanker Cielo di Guangzhou, where he spent two weeks at sea during his Owner’s Cabin artist residency in 2018, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in global lockdowns and domestic confinements, Calendar of Dilation is an exploration of how perceptions of the passage of time are altered and shaped by the environments one finds oneself in, anchored to the endless expanse of the ocean as a point of departure.

Partly inspired by Chang’s experience throughout Singapore’s recent Circuit Breaker period, during which most of the works were produced, the relationship between humanity’s desire to mark time and the way it is warped by prolonged social and spatial isolations comes to the fore, set against the framing of a nautical journey. In Calendar of Dilation, Chang experiments with a bold visual language across a variety of media—such as paintings, sculptures, and the moving image—to articulate the relationship between time and the body: the way the former flows, alters, and disorients. Characterised by his signature style of a whimsical yet rigorously analytical approach to formalism, the works featured are suffuse with a sardonic humour that explicates the incorporeal entanglements between the self and the world.


About the Artist 

Mike HJ Chang is a Taiwanese-American artist and fine arts educator currently living and working in Singapore. He holds a BA from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. Characterised by a dedication to craftsmanship and a sense of wry wit, Chang's works straddle the boundary between rigorous formalist inquiries in colour, composition, and material, and thematic explorations of the relationality between bodies, spaces, and time.

A regular fixture of Singapore's artistic landscape, Chang's oeuvre has been shown in and by prominent local spaces and institutions such as Sculpture Square, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, Jendela (Visual Arts Space), OH! Open House, Asian Film Archive, Peninsular, and galleries such as Chan Hampe Galleries, Chan + Hori Contemporary, and Yeo Workshop. Chang also runs Foxriver, an independent art space.


About the Curator

Alfonse Chiu is a writer, artist, curator, and researcher working at the intersection of text, space, and moving image. His practice investigates the histories and representation of the built and natural environments in Southeast Asia, with a focus on colonial, political, and sensorial imaginaries, particularly through forms such as maps, graphic design, and archival documents. He is currently the Editor-at-Large and Creative Lead of SINdie, an editorial platform exploring Southeast Asian film culture(s), where he heads editorial direction, research, and special projects. He is also the founder of the Centre for Urban Mythologies, a research collective and platform interested in Southeast Asian urbanism, architecture, and eco-criticism.

An independent culture journalist and researcher, he has worked with the Department of Architecture at the National University of Singapore and the Singapore Heritage Society on projects concerning urban development and heritage conservation. His texts have been published on platforms such as KINEMA (University of Waterloo), Cinematheque Quarterly (National Museum of Singapore), NANG, Hyperallergic, and commissioned by institutions such as The Substation and the Asian Film Archive.