Quynh Dong: Long Journey
19 January - 28 February 2016

Yeo Workshop proudly presents the first video-based solo exhibition in Singapore by Contemporary Vietnamese artist Quynh Dong. A selection of three (3) major video-works, inclusive of one new piece, will be complemented by a body of intricate ceramic sculptures. The gallery boldly displays the extensive range of crafted skills by this up-and-coming Vietnamese artist for Singapore’s busiest week for Contemporary Art, “Art Week Singapore 2016”.

In the show titled “Long Journey” Quynh introduces us to a selection of varying realities. The gallery space comprises of 3 hyper-real video works and a selection of ceramic objects. Deriving the title of the exhibition from the1986 television series ‘Journey to the West’, a selection of similar motifs appropriate the essence of the work. The contextualised setting of each piece is independently created and digitally enhanced to promote a reconstructed understanding of what is real; an exaggerated setting at the threshold of emotional overload. By challenging notions of representation and tradition, the work adopts a romantic perspective. Questioning the subject of women, idolising paradise, and re-interpreting visual stereotypes, the work redefines the cliche aesthetic.


Saturday 23 January 2016

“Performing Utopias/ Dystopias In The Public Spheres: Asian Myths, Clichés and Symbolism”

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For more information on the artist's talk on 23th January 2016 please click here.