Same: Different, 10 Artists from the MFA Programme at Silpakorn University (Thailand)
6 March - 19 April 2015

Fingerprint Portfolio comprises of 10 young Thai-based artists, Kanjana Chonsiri, Chanoknet Commong, Seksun Toommai, Sittipong Pansomsong, Thidarat Chumjungreed, Santi Wangchuan, Waranyou Changpradit, Watchara Kwangchai, Suttikan Saisuk and Rebecca Vickers, recent and current graduate students from the Silpakorn University.

What are the pillars of support beneath one’s identity? Identity reflects one’s native land, family beliefs, faith, religion, culture and tradition. The environment that encloses us further supports us, determining all that becomes inherent. However, while we share the same starting point from which to build our Identity on, the results of each individual’s interpretation as seen through artistic practice and process are unique. Every individual has their own internal template from which to venture into the world, building on what they see, hear, read and feel in their lives. This template concurrently determines what we draw, speak, write and do.

The show will comprise a collection of unique drawing, painting, photograph and sculptural installations by each of the ten young artists that make up the collective.  Celebrating their individual identities and means of artistic creation, the Fingerprint Collective hope to honour and not overlook the perspective from which others see. By venturing beyond their own national boundaries, the Thailand-based group of artists aspires to share their artistic visions with their neighbours in Singapore, offering their unique thoughts and creations as a means of celebrating difference and finding common points of reference from which to build on.

Charming idiosyncrasies, attributes, and characteristics come through each installation in a language unique to each artist, casting shadows that only each individual can create. From their shared surroundings, endless translations and interpretations come forth and find form through the language of art in the gallery space. While each of their creations is unique to each individual, something bestowed within and given form through an artistic practice that is exclusively theirs, it is exactly this thing, the power to create an unrepeatable gesture, that they all have in common – they are identically unalike. Like fingerprints on hands that reach for the same goal, they are the same, but different.

Silpakorn is widely recognized as the leading Thai University in Fine Arts and Archaeology, even though it now includes many other faculties.


7 March 2015, 1 - 4pm

Thai Paper Craft Festival