Christopher Kulendran Thomas: The Synchronised Power of Our Mass
16 January 2014 - 16 March 2014

Yeo Workshop is pleased to present Christopher Thomas and Annika Kuhlmann’s first exhibition in Asia.

Collaborating with distant co-conspirators, Annika Kuhlmann (DE) and Christopher Thomas (UK) combine art, fashion and covert strategies to re-imagine the possibilities of accelerated consumption. The displaced people of [M]alee have been driven from their homeland by ethnic cleansing backed by strategic international investment. But how can the benchmarks of connoisseurial consumerism - like art and fashion - that now flourish in their former territory be mobilised to redirect networked flows of power, capital and desire? Engaging directly in commercial processes, Kuhlmann and Thomas devise together tactical intensifications of crisis towards capitalist hypertension.


Saturday 18 January 2014 5pm

Artist Talk: What was Contemporary Art?

Christopher Thomas and Annika Kuhlmann discuss the possibility that Contemporary Art could be understood as a limited art historical condition. In relation to their exhibition The Synchronised Power of Our Mass at Yeo Workshop, they will consider whether the ubiquity of networked technology together with the fall from dominance of the West might unravel what we have come to know as Contemporary Art.