Issue 5:  A Space Between Spaces (Part 1 of 2)

Art x Action Part I: A Space Between Spaces

On view from 17 October to 7 November 2020 (after which the full videos are replaced by trailers or stills)

Art x Action is a two-part series and online video art festival that brings to light a selection of artists working in video - the dominant medium at present for its adaptability and power to transport us to alternate dimensions.

From Ana Prvački’s uncanny takes on strategies for Covid-19; to Fyerool Darma’s hybrid presentation of text and image from the worldwide web as a form of song and historical research; to Tuan Mami’s supernatural documentary and the life-death cycle in Sarah Choo Jing’s newest exclusive video; to Filippo Sciascia's exploration of light at the scale of the universe, these works are made in a myriad of styles unique to each artist and their individual concepts, personal realities and observations of the world.

Swept over by a tumult of unprecedented circumstances by the present pandemic, the question of when things can return to ‘normal’ is on everyone’s mind; along with this lack of clarity comes new fears and anxieties. In the first instalment of the Art x Action issue, the featuring artists confronted these challenges and shaped the chaos around them into incisive narratives that occupy the virtual realm, returning to us what we now consider to belong to another time - travel, intimacy, connection, interaction, control and dignity - in the online oasis afforded by Generosity. This is not a void or a pitfall, but an active, lively space that exists between spaces.

Like the magazine itself, the artworks showcased here offer liminal spaces between clearly defined borders; life and death, panic and acceptance, past and future, communication and isolation, intimacy and alienation. In these various artistic explorations, one can see how these spaces can be enlightening in their ambiguity and how they can tell profound stories. Thus, a space within spaces.

We hope you will find meaning, solace and a diversion from a segment we present here.


17 October - 7 November

Viewing period

30 November

Art x Action Part 2: What Resonates

Ana Prvački

Multimask, 2020
Single Channel Video, HD Colour with Sound
Video duration: 00.02'.08"
Edition 5 + 1AP

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Ana Pr​vački

Energetic Tickle, 2020
Single Channel Video, HD Colour with Sound
Video duration: 00.02'.33"
Edition of 5 + 1AP

For enquiries about this artwork, please email us.


Prvački is a multidisciplinary artist who translates her incisive observations of humanity and social situations into subversive experiences, live performances and video work. Multimask and Energetic Tickle are the first two of a trilogy of timely videos commissioned by the 13th Gwangju Biennale that comment on the current pandemic as well as our adaptations to Covid and quarantine in terms of safety, beauty, transformation, comfort, intimacy and interaction, in the artist’s characteristically humorous yet empathetic voice.




Fyerool Darma

AfterBallads/apantoum_RecoveredFile_featuringBintang,star_karat,andEtoile, 2020
9:16, High Definition Video in Colour, Sound (Stereo)
Video duration: 00.10'.00"
Edition of 3 + 1AP

For enquiries about this artwork, please email us.


‘AfterBallads/apantoum_RecoveredFile_featuingstar_karat, etoile, and Bintang.2020’ is a video work that imitates a video call, a lecture, with a music video, interwoven through singings of a recovered pantoum (transliterated from Jawi by William Marsden, ‘A Famous Pantun’ in 1812), arranged and composed by berukera (2020). Archival footages of Boek dancers, and recordings of customised avatars are layered into a 9:16 frame as indexes to the present mode of recording, sharing and circulation of portraits.

The video is an interlude to Fyerool Darma’s ongoing project, After Ballads (2017 - present).

Read the script here.




Tuan Mami

In One’s Breath, Nothing Stands Still, 2014
Single Channel Video, HD Color with Sound
Video duration: 00.29’.51’’
Edition of 5 + 1 AP

For enquiries about this artwork, please email us.

Tuan Mami is a Vietnamese multidisciplinary artist who creates installations, video works, as well as performances and conceptual situations. In One's Breath, Nothing Stands Still was a result of his research into Thanh Thuy, a mining town in Ha Nam province in northern Vietnam, an area overwhelmed by heavy industries, especially limestone mining, which adversely impacts local ecologies, environment and communities. It is also the hometown of the artist's parents. In what is both a fictional documentary and a ghost story, he shows us the toxic limestone dust coating a dreamy mountainscape - the result of destructive drilling - in hopes to bring attention to the pollution of the world, the result of industrialisation and exploitation. Following a spirit across the wasteland in a 3-day journey to find his way to a proper afterlife, Tuan’s film portrays a liminal zone between life and death, an apt metaphor for the emaciated landscape and the jeopardized health of the local residents.




Sarah Choo Jing

moving through waiting rooms, 2020
Single Channel Video, HD Color with Sound
Video duration: 00.06'.00’
Editions 5 + 1 AP

For enquiries about this artwork, please email us.

‘​The dance is an art in space and time. The object of the dance is to obliterate that.’ – Cunningham

Singaporean interdisciplinary artist Sarah Choo Jing is known for her meticulously constructed scenes, interiors and cityscapes in film and photography. Characterized by bold, saturated colours, dramatic lighting, multi-layered compositing and a fixed camera angle, she sets up her narratives like upon a stage as she observes her solitary subjects existing in their paradoxically busy environments, from a distance. Whereas movements within those works are subtle and tranquil, moving through waiting rooms revolve around them. Distance is removed as we follow the subject through a metaphorical cycle of life. Engaged in an interpretive dance, the contemporary performer improvises and reacts to his environment: a void deck acting as a mystical passageway taking him in a journey across time where he encounters his boyhood self and his future. As with life, dance in a larger concept is abstract.  

Choo first began seeing dance as a visible action in life during Circuit Breaker in Singapore, when she noticed people engaging in their ordinary daily routines in private, intimate spaces. Movement is a dance, and the window the stage unveiling a performance. Here, the is not a need to have colored lights, a formal stage or a particular kind of aesthetic form - and, it can still be dance, as it can still be life.




Filippo Sciascia

Primitive Mornings, 2020
Single Channel Video, HD Colour with Sound
Video duration: 00.08'.43"
Edition of 5 + 1AP

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“Everything we do and everything we experience depends on light. When you look at light in human evolution, you see that it started to accelerated when people invented fire.”

From there, people moved onto developing their own sources of artificial lighting to navigate their environments, fundamental pieces technology that grow more sophisticated, accessible and portable every day. In Italian artist Filippo Sciascia’s many years of investigating the means, manifestations and concepts of light through painting, sculpture and installation, he shows a thorough breadth of knowledge in the way light has not only shaped and defined human lives, but all life in the universe as well. From microscopic bacteria to the formation of the sun, his video Primitive Mornings (taken from the same name of a series of sculptures and paintings) speaks to all scales of one of the most powerful sources in nature.




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