Issue 7: Filippo Sciascia drops an NFT

With the availability of the technology behind the non-fungible token (NFT), artist Filippo Sciascia drops one in the latest in the evolution of his practice, and an alternative medium for image-making. 

This work is an NFT created by animation on an image of a physical oil painting created by the artist.   It depicts a fire burning in metallurgy. Creating an NFT is an evolution of painting as an art medium for the artist. It an apt development in Filippo’s practice one that is concerned  in concept about human evolution and translated in his studio as artistic evolution.

The image is a unique edition – a combustion of metallurgy and alchemic process of creating the materials needed for modernizing or technology i.e. copper or metal needed for technology like computers. The artist focuses on this image as it speaks to the process of combustion of materials to adapt to various utilities in technology such as changing basic metal use to make them useful as advanced material. 

Constantly evolving, Filippo Sciascia’s works deal with the concept of light - and, of course, energy that constitutes the evolution of life and human civilization as we know it, playing a transformative role in the development of mankind’s technological ascendancy. The artist states that technology ultimately is “technique”. Man’s technique for surviving in this world. Humans have always had to create an environment in which they can survive, unlike animals who naturally survive in nature. Humans have had to develop technology and  architecture, starting from the cave,  tools of keeping warm, protecting and educating their young, and communicating with each other. Their techniques have formed an evolving technology that  recently spikes at a break-neck and exponential speed.  This development tto include an alternative medium of an  NFT is not one that comes from nowhere, but  a natural progression of painting's trajectory:  digitization. Lke most of his works, there are several renditions of significant images into various mediums, paintings , sculptures , installations and now, the NFT.

The artist will continue to drop a unique  “Primitive Learning” NFT  collectible bi-monthly that speaks to this medium of image-making from traditional mediums such as painting to NFT. The NFT will be available on opensea.  rarible, and the painting will be available from Artsy.

To understand more on the  artist studio process and his own “alchemehic “ process of working with materials. >> LINK HERE TO YOUTUBE




Filippo Sciascia

Title: Primitive Learning no. 1

Year: 2021

Edition: Unique

Medium: Animation

Price: 1 ETH , or SGD 2,800 (exchange rate as of date 3 May 2021)

Rarible Link Here:



This image is also available as a physical painting 

Filippo Sciascia

Title: Primitive learning

Year: 2021

Medium: Etching and Oil on canvas +led lights 

Price: On Request - Email us

Artsy Link here: