About Generosity


Generosity As Medium

“ … generosity needs to be the medium that museums and galleries are working in.”
- Hans Ulrich Obrist
There seems to be no better time to reach out, when physical contact is impossible.
While Singapore and the world waits out the current Covid crisis in lockdown mode, whither the arts? Museums and galleries are shuttered, artists are confined at home, and, frankly, few seem to be in the right frame of mind to be engaged with cultural offerings at the moment. Yet, even while this pandemic is raging, its psychological cost must needs be reckoned with, and it is to creative practitioners that we turn to for meaning, solace and, yes, diversion, amidst the debris.
The title of this series of monthly diversions comes from Hans Ulrich Obrist, who remarks that, in this time of disaster, institutions of art would do well to “think about how they can go beyond their walls and reach everyone.” Indeed, a spirit of sharing, communication and outreach - of generosity - seems to be the only medium possible at the moment. Here at Yeo Workshop, we feel the need to not only do our part in supporting the government’s circuit breaker measures, but also to hold together, in what is a very trying period, our small family of artists, viewers, art workers and collectors. To that end, the series features casual content from the studios of our artists around the region and the world. Our audience is invited to keep abreast of their developments through video tours, chats, interviews and other writing, and to join in these conversations!
We’re excited to be kicking off in May with Xue Mu, who, though otherwise based in Amsterdam, is self-quarantining in Berlin these days. Her work in the past has involved large-scale productions and collaborations with other artists, but, cut off from many resources during the pandemic, she has turned to making - in her kitchen! - a suite of quiet, solemn abstractions titled Epoché, which reflects the mood and tenor of the present moment.

Stay tuned, and stay well!
 Audrey Yeo