Issue 3: A Space of Stasis: Xue Mu’s Epoche Series

Xue Mu is currently quaranting in her studio in Berlin and like every other artist around the world trying to adapt to the confining circumstances imposed on them by the Coronavirus pandemic since the beginning of this year. How she does so is particulaly interesting as her works have previously been large-scale and energetic, even chaotic. But creativity prevails- from her little kitchen, she serves us some food for thought...


A SPACE OF STASIS: Xue Mu's Epoché

Image: Presentation view “The Everlast Flatland and I Wish It to be Wrong”, Kunst Fabrik HB55, Berlin, 2019.

Image: cat on the desk, May 2020.


Image: Epoché_Garden#1_Night (left), Epoché_Garden#1_Day (right) 2020.


Image: Epoché_Ripples_Day (left), Epoché_Ripples_Night (right) 2020.

Image: Black Diamond _ Star Racing 2019, Charcoal on paper, 176 x 194 cm.

Images: studio view Berlin, 2019. 

Images: details,The Six Evolutions, installation, Amsterdam, 2020

Images: studio view, The Six Evolutions, installation, Amsterdam, 2020.



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