Issue 9: Lizzie Wee - Catch More Flies with Honey

Full video of Honey Trap (2021) available to view here until 9 Jan 2022.

As more artists become well-versed in digital currencies, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have become an increasingly popular format in which digital art can be presented and tokenised. Likewise, Singaporean artist Lizzie Wee has minted her new video work, Honey Trap (2021), into an NFT, which marks a development in her research-based practice that spans new media, installation, and performance.

Honey Trap (2021)
4K Video, 4 mins 52 Seconds
Edition of 3 + 1 AP
Installation View
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Honey Trap builds on Lizzie’s extensive research of female archetypes in popular culture over the past year, where she has been examining the traits and patterns of female characters portrayed across various Asian television series and movies. She highlights the archetype of ‘The Seductress’ in particular, to examine how the notion of desire has been made to characterise the successful woman. Referencing stylised imagery of women and re-appropriating vernacular used to describe them from vintage Penthouse and Playboy magazines, Lizzie devises her own femme fatale. From phrases like “Gentle pleasures, give me young honey” taken from these magazines to popular lyrics “(like a virgin) touched for the very first time”, Wee frames a familiar yet disconcerting image of femininity through the years.

Touched for the very first time (202)
Digital print on fabric
Edition 2 of 3 and Edition 3 of 3
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The NFT video is accompanied by an installation of digital prints on fabric and beaded curtains delicately scented in jasmine, to evoke the ambience of old massage parlours. Lizzie underlines the shifting semantics of gender as various shades of pink saturate the space, which are reminiscent of barbie pink from the 2000s rooted in ‘girly-girly’ femininity to more recent-day’s gender-neutral mascot – millennial pink. The work reflects how queer art and culture have reclaimed the values of ‘soft’, ‘pretty’ and ‘pink’ as critical tools to deconstruct, subvert and contest the patriarchal framework and gender binaries. As Lizzie expands on this gender dialogue through abstracted fragments of her own body, ornamentation becomes a medium and tool for the destabilisation of such gendered hierarchies. She takes an absurdist turn on the idea of the ‘honey trap’, where the beautiful borders the grotesque, challenging how femininity and the construct of it has given rise to the illusion of an ‘ideal’ woman. 

The NFT is available on the platform Rarible, in editions of 3.

Honey Trap (2021)
Multimedia video installation comprising:

4k Video
4 mins 52 seconds
Edition of 3 + 1AP

Digital prints, dimensions variable
Edition of 3 + 1AP

Beaded curtains, prints and scent
200 x 100cm each

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