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Generosity As Medium: A Monthly Diversion

Generosity As Medium: A Monthly Diversion

The world has turned upside down in the last few months. This is our resistance.

“Generosity needs to be the medium that museums and galleries are working in,” says UK curator Hans Ulrich Obrist in his call to action to the art world during the life-altering pandemic, which has brought countless activities and businesses around the globe to a screeching halt. Yeo Workshop’s response is Generosity as Medium, a multi-media e-series of monthly diversions in which we bring the content of the gallery to you, in this time of a greater need for art, entertainment, interaction and escapism.

Like all the other museums, galleries and cultural institutions of the stricken world, we have seriously reflected on the ways in which we experience and engage with art, or as Obrist puts it, “think about how they can go beyond their walls and reach everyone.” Our Generosity series, which kicks off this month, is the product of this reevaluation and will hopefully not just be the solution to a temporary problem, but the start of an exciting opportunity to increase people’s accessibility to arts at all times. The contents include artist interviews, talks, video tours through their studios, gallery literature and much more.

Get a glimpse of our video content here.

Date: 23/05/2020