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Projects include Public Art, Artist Talks and Engagements, Artist Workshops, and Residency Programmes.

For more information on how you can get involved, please contact:

Artist Talk: Accelerated Intimacy, Sarah Choo Jing

Artist Talk: Accelerated Intimacy, Sarah Choo Jing

22 February 2018, 7 - 9pm

Accelerated Intimacy: Artist Sarah Choo Jing in conversation with curator Louis Ho

At her own fictive bar, artist Sarah Choo Jing meets friend, curator, critic and art historian Louis Ho for a conversation on speculative narratives, anonymity and intimacy, film and the characters she has imagined in her latest work "Accelerated Intimacy". The talk will trace her practice from her origins in painting to her present development in immersive installation. 

Come a join us for a cocktail, questions in hand!

RSVP your attendance to:

ART x BAR - Accelerated Intimacy

ART x BAR - Accelerated Intimacy

19 Jan - 4 Mar 2018

Fri & Sat, 5 - 9pm

For Singapore Art Week 2018, Yeo Workshop is pleased to announce its representation of Sarah Choo Jing with a solo exhibition entitled “Accelerated Intimacy”.

The artist will transform the gallery, emulating the layout and set-up of a hotel lobby and room. To complete the ambience, the gallery will invite, for the first time, an operating “hotel lobby” bar by EC Proof. This unique art bar will open for the duration of the exhibition, serving high quality whiskey and cocktails along with whiskey bottle service.

Menegakkan Menang Yang Kalah - A Response to ‘Monsoon Song’

Menegakkan Menang Yang Kalah - A Response to ‘Monsoon Song’22 October 2017

22 October 2017

Join us this Sunday 2pm-5pm to witness a response to current exhibition 'Monsoon Song' by Fyerool Darma

Menegakkan Menang Yang Kalah (Fighting for a Losing Win) is a meditative durational performance that confronts the gendered division of labour in Southeast Asia – Monsoon Song’s geographical frame of reference. The performance is a ‘fight for a losing win’ in the sense that its eventual failure to do justice to its subject of consideration can only be a mark of its success as a performance.

Things I Wish I Learnt In Art School

Things I Wish I Learnt In Art SchoolJuly - August 2017

July - August 2017

In these sessions with a practicing professional artist, participants will learn everything they need to know about stretching their own canvases and preparing timbre panels for painting. Instead of using mass produced pre-stretched canvases, participants can customise high quality archival materials according to their desired proportions and needs for their art practice. 

This course is not only for artists, but also for people interested in working in the arts in the areas of art handling, art management, and for a general understanding of what makes a well-prepared canvas, how to store, stack and protect paintings in the studio and the workplace, and the best practices for art conservation.

Practical Preparation of Painting

This course comes in two parts and is offered in multiple dates:

Part A: 2 hours – Canvas & Board Preparation [Thursday 27 July, Saturday 29 July 2017, 9 – 11am]
Part B: 2 hours – Art Handling [Thursday 3 August, Saturday 5 August 2017, 9-11am]

Price: $150 (30% off for students)


Art Installation & Handling - Artist & Gallery Standard

This is a single course offered on multiple dates:

Thursday 17 August and Saturday 26 August, 9-11am

Price: $50 (30% off for students)


Yeo Workshop's educational programmes are related to their exhibition schedule. 

The course takes place in the artful surroundings of Gillman Barracks. 


Merryn Trevethan is a practicing artist who has created several public art projects outdoors, indoors, and was a specialist at one of the best art materials shop in Melbourne (St Luke Artist Colourmen) specialising in custom stretching, conservation and damage control to empower artists with the best practices. Trevethan currently lives and works in Singapore, and is showing at Yeo Workshop's current exhibition "Apertures".


Public Art Projects

Public Art ProjectsSingapore Arts Club

Singapore Arts Club


Formerly known as “2015 Drive”, SINGAPORE ARTS CLUB is the 2nd annual public arts project in Gillman Barracks. Over the evening of 22nd January, visitors participated in various activities throughout the art district. Supporting activities such as food and beverage pop-ups, live music, an Extreme Picnic hosted by Post-Museum, Dwellings at Gillman: Homes for Artists and Researchers by the NUS Architecture Year Two Design Studio and galleries which will be open after hours are some of the events exclusive to the night of the launch. The month of January will also see specialised lunchtime talks surrounding the project,  and a complimentary circulation of an art and lifestyle publication, the Singapore Arts Club Workbook, elaborating on the means of contemporary art in Singapore, to help bridge the burgeoning art scene with the international art world. 



DRIVE was a four month-long public art project comprising of an outdoor art exhibition and an Open Call Competition. Launched on 28 September 2014, the project began with the installation of ten gallery-sponsored artworks by established Singapore-based artists on the white façades of Gillman Barrcks. These were followed by the installation of 18 Open Call artworks that were entered into competition. The resulting outdoor art exhibition featured a selection of large-scale murals, photographi and illutrated vinyl prints and installations by a diverse group of Singapore-based artists. Along with a panel of judges, the public were invited to vote for their favourite artwork on Facebook. 

The winning artist, Merryn Trevethan, was announced at a prize-giving ceremony at the Gillman Barracks Art After Dark Art Week Celebration on 23 January 2015. Aside from 5,000 SGD, she also wins a curated spread in Art Republik Magazine. Her vibrant mural, Accelerator City, is located at Block 9, Gillman Barracks. 

Aside the from the Open Call, DRIVE also hosted a series of artist engagement talks and workshops at Gillman Barracks throughout the duration of the project. These were all free of charge and open to the public. 

We’ve decided to talk about machines

We’ve decided to talk about machines8 November 2015

8 November 2015

A fictional conversation centred around methods of display and organisation of space. The discussion will explore how the notion of space affects the dynamics of a work of art, or rather, how the suggestive display influences the relationship between two adjacent works. 

Writer Jeremy Fernando, and artists Genevieve Chua and Yu-Chen Wang, will introduce the public to an unexplored understanding of concepts which help influence the formation of works. The discussion will reflect upon techniques used to create art, and how the availability of space, or lack thereof, alters the relationship between works. Each speaker will probably refer to their own practice and shed light on their understanding of spatial awareness. 

How To Create An Artist’s Studio

How To Create An Artist’s Studio24 October 2015

24 October 2015

A day-long series of talks  and panel discussions relating to the idea of an "Artist Studio"

11 am - 12 pm  ||  How To Create An Artist’s Studio
A discussion between artists Mike HJ Chang and Ian Woo on the relationship between an artist’s practice within the context of a studio.

Panel 1: The Artist's Studio in Context is an art history discussion, in which the artist's studio is taken to be a microcosm of the ‘art world’, and reflects on the studio’s role as space which inspires production and a space for thought. Given that the artist's studio is a private space, what happens when it is transplanted into the grounds of a commercial gallery? Further examples and critique of contemporary art, and the role of branding, design and communication in the studio’s engagement with its surroundings will also be discussed. The discussion will be delivered by Bala Starr, director of the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, and artist Mike HJ Chang.

12 pm - 12:30 pm  ||  Lunch 

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm  ||  Urbanization & Space Constraint! Form, Function, Design & Techniques for Studio
A panel discussion referring to the relationship between architecture and urbanization, and methods or frameworks of artist’s studios. A conversation between Randy Chan, Architect /  Creative Director of Singapore: Inside Out, and artists Merryn J Trevethan, Mike HJ Chang, Loke Hong Seng, and Marcin Dudek (via Skype).

2 pm - 3 pm  ||  Waiting for Photography
An overview of the potential of photography as a contemporary medium. A talk led by Hubertus von Amelunxen, President & Walter Benjamin Chair of the European Graduate School. 


The Outdoor Studio Installation Project

The Outdoor Studio Installation ProjectSeptember 2015 - January 2016

September 2015 - January 2016

The Outdoor Studio Installation Project is a residency program completed by Australian artist, Merryn J Trevethan. Seen as a progression of her own creative practice and an approach to incorporate her surroundings within a functional structure, the project is a means of exploring new possibilities. 

The structure titled HUFF (House Under Four Flags) is a 10m x 10m wooden sculptural installation and artist’s studio built by artist Marcin Dudek. The intention of the work was to create a functional space; more specifically to define it as an external artist’s studio. In light of the latter, Trevethan is fulfilling its objective and occupying the so-called ‘artist’s studio’ with her own distinctive practice. Elaborating on the notion of spatial awareness, the aim is to introduce the personal to the external. Therefore in some respect the project may be considered a means of public art. 

The project will commence on Friday 25th September 2015 and will be an ongoing project until January 2016. The work will grow periodically, allowing all gestural motifs to encapsulate the space over time. 


Outdoor painting sessions on Friday 25th September 2015:  7:30 pm - 8 pm,  8:30 pm - 9 pm, 9:30 pm - 10 pm

Loke Hong Seng @ Raffles Place Green

Loke Hong Seng @ Raffles Place GreenAugust 2015

August 2015

To commemorate SG50 Jubilee year celebrations, a series of iconic photographs are displayed near the Raffles Place MRT. This was made possible in part by the SG50 Celebration Funds. 


Loke Hong Seng @ UOB Art Gallery

Loke Hong Seng @ UOB Art GalleryAugust 2015

August 2015

As part of UOB's SG50 celebrations, the UOB Art Gallery (UOB Plaza 1, Ground Floor) presents a selection of works by Mr Loke Hong Seng. The selection of photographs from Mr Loke's extensive body of work focuses on scenes of the development of Singapore's river front featuring UOB Plaza and its surrounding trading areas.


Mr Loke Hong Seng will also be hosting a photography workshop for UOB employees to share his perspective on fine art and vernacular photography and provide insights on photographic composition.


At the latest UOB Private Bank Investment forum, clients were treated to an exhibition of Mr Loke's photography, and were also presented with an autographed, special edition catalogue of Mr Loke's portraits of Singapore.


DRIVESeptember 2014 - January 2015

September 2014 - January 2015

DRIVE was a four month-long public art project comprising of an outdoor art exhibition and an Open Call Competition. Launched on 28 September 2014, the project began with the installation of ten gallery-sponsored artworks by established Singapore-based artists on the white façades of Gillman Barrcks. These were followed by the installation of 18 Open Call artworks that were entered into competition. The reuslting outdoor art exhibition featured a selection of large-scale murals, photographi and illutrated vinyl prints and installations by a diverse group of Singapore-based artists. Along with a panel of judges, the public were invited to vote for their favourite artwork on Facebook. 

The winning artist, Merryn Trevethan, was announced at a prize-giving ceremony at the Gillman Barracks Art After Dark Art Week Celebration on 23 January 2015. Aside from 5,000 SGD, she also wins a curated spread in Art Republik Magazine. Her vibrant mural, Accelerator City, is located at Block 9, Gillman Barracks. 

Aside the from the Open Call, DRIVE also hosted a series of artist engagement talks and workshops at Gillman Barracks throughout hte duration of the project. These were all free of charge and open to the public. 

HUFF: House Under Four Flags

HUFF: House Under Four FlagsJanuary 2015

January 2015

HUFF is now open to USERS who would like to use it as a studio/ exhibition space


House Under Four Flags, a tribute to the

unique convergence that can occur within

a space, reflecting Singapore’s four races

and languages.


HUFF: From Studio to Pavilion  

The HUFF Studio was conceived and built by artist Marcin Dudek in order to establish a bespoke artistic residency space Gillman Barracks, during Art Week 2015. In addition to creating the space, the artist sought to engage the public in a series of workshops.

Fast forward to today, Marcin Dudek, in collaboration with Arnoldii Arts Club/Yeo Workshop, is turning HUFF into a pavilion – opening it up to all artists.


Following the artist’s departure, the space will be left for ongoing investigation, engaging in future artistic capital and to function as a/an:

Exhibition space
Workshop location
Artist Studio


Loosely based on the country-specific pavilions at events like the Venice Biennale, Dudek built the pavilion with his own two hands – itself a comment on fabrication – a common practice where artists have their work built by third parties. Dudek’s theme of anti-ready-made is to encourage artists to return to craftsmanship, to be hands on in their labour. The notion of artistic labour and what it means to dedicate one’s life to practice is also explored. Dudek also explores the lines between interior & exterior and hopes that HUFF will spark a conversation about Structure, Space, Separation & Construction



  • Floor area: 10sqm
  • Table, chair, shelf, chest with lock
  • Basic building tools
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Wifi and electricity


Users wanting to work in HUFF should  explore the following themes in the art:

  • Private and public space
  • Artistic labour
  • Anti-Readymade


Users should:

Aim to enhance their current practice and use the space as a platform for social discourse

Plan for a programme of visible public outreach that is accessible to the wider population
Have projects with a clear concept and research plan to support it


Duration: Open

Requirements: Documentation – written summary upon completion  


Are you an artist/ writer/ curator/ arts collective/ arts organization?

If so, please submit

  • Plan for utility of the space
  • CV and five images of recent work
  • Compelling contemporary art concept (300 words)


Proposals to be sent to




How to Engage in a Live Artist Studio: 17 Jan 2015, 6 - 8pm 

Marcin Dudek will invite the public into his self-made studio for a guided tour, where videos, sketches and some of the artist’s collage work will be on view. Through their interactions with the studio, Dudek hopes to demonstrate that it is possible to carve out an artistic practice within limited spaces, particularly for artists in Singapore struggling to find the room to be creative.

This session is part of an afternoon of artist engagements, beginning with ‘Artist in Conversation: Challenging the Artistic Process’, a conversation between Artist Maryanto and Curator Louis Ho from 3 – 4:30pm, and ‘HOW TO Survive as an Artist’ a talk with Singaporean artist, Ian Woo from 4:30 – 6pm.


No Room To Get Lost: 18 – 25 Jan 2015, 11am - 7pm 

Book making has always been an integral part of Marcin Dudek’s practice – he began his career binding his own catalogues and making zines and graduated to using the process as a tool for understanding and research. During these interactive sessions, you are invited to work alongside the artist to discover book making for yourself. Feel free to bring in any material that inspires you – recycled magazines, fabric scraps and old cardboard can all be repurposed as material for a beautiful art book.

Kindly book your hour-long session with Marcin in advance with Liying Phng at or Faith at


HOW TO Create Art for Public Spaces: 22 Jan 2015, 6 - 8pm

Marcin Dudek’s practice is often involved in investigations of the concept of ‘space’, leading to various projects conceived in spaces that encourage public interaction. During this talk he will discuss some of these projects, and the process of working in a public environment. This will include a discussion on the ever-changing notion of ‘public space’ and its implications for artists. 

Life Behind the Lens

Life Behind the Lens13 December 2015

13 December 2015

Engage with the artist Loke Hong Seng, fine art photographer capturing street scenes from the 1970s in Singapore, as he talks about capturing the moment and composing a photograph, as well as providing insight into his intentions and motivations in making artwork at a time when there was no market for fine art photography. This is a lecture on the history of Singapore through Photography & Artist Advice on Techniques of How to “Make” and not just “Take” a photograph.

The artist will talk about techniques:

1. Composition: These particular photographs by Loke Hong Seng were composed carefully, waiting for days, weeks and months for the perfect light, the right people to frame a particular shot in order to express his artistic vision for a narrative. His drawings “are as much as an interpretation of the world as paintings and drawings are”. Susan Sontag in her book “On Photography” states in her essay “In Plato’s cave” that “Even when photographs are most concerned with mirroring reality, they are still haunted by tacit imperatives of taste and conscience”.

2. Medium: The difference in taking a photograph with film (and its consideration to not “waste” every shot as film was an expensive process. As opposed to digital where the selection process takes precedence. How the different media/ different cameras contribute to different ways of thinking about practice.

3. Prolific: The artist talks about his ritualistic addiction to the “Click” sound and how he needed to shoot one roll of film each month. He reveals what he does now to manage this need.

4. Subject: How compassion and empathy for the subject matter affects the product that is taken.

5. Themes: How the artist worked according to themes in order to organize his practice as well as to make sure he was covering all the bases for recording according to his narrative.

The talk will be moderated by Zhuang Wubin. 

This is suitable for artists and also those looking for art appreciation through photography. This session is free of charge, registration required:

Light refreshments and a small selection of cakes and pastries will be available for purchase.

How Life Mimics Art and Art Mimics Life

How Life Mimics Art and Art Mimics Life29 November 2014

29 November 2014

In conversation with Vincent W.J. van Gerwen Oei, Artist Xue Mu will screen and discuss a performance that was shown at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in November 2013, entitled, “Portrait 2: IJbert Verweij_IJbert Verweij”. IJbert Verweij, actor and expressive dancer, was called on by Mu to perform his autobiography on the stage of the Stedelijk Museum. Mu anticipated that the institutional environment would blend Verweij’s real-life anecdotes in order to confuse the boundary between the audience’s perception of truth and fiction. 
Title: How Art Mimics Life and Life Mimics Art: Tangential Practices that influence art 

The performance of Verweij’s life story highlights the overarching theme of struggling with various forms of authority, leading to the dramatic internal experience of desire and fear, resistance and contemplation. Following an open structure, the performance ends in a climax of expressive dance. 

While the narrative is determined by the autobiography of IJbert Verweij, Xue Mu, the artist, is presented as ‘auteur’, controlling the presentation from a distance. The piece undeniably bears the artist’s aesthetic signature. 

Mu started with the idea of her favourite symbol, the sphere, representative of completeness and perfection. The circle was applied in the performance as a conceptual map and metaphor indicating the psychological strength in Verweij’s attempt to reveal his life story devoid of compromise. ‘… It is like the attempt to hand draw a perfect circle.’ 

Besides screening and talking about her work, the artist will also discuss her signature on the work, her other performance and visual art works, and her research and work process. 


Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei is a philologist who operates in a wide variety of fields including political art practices, contemporary poetry, philosophy, and Nubian studies. Although based in Tirana, Albania, Van Gerven Oei is currently a visiting lecturer at Tembusu College, National University of Singapore, teaching a seminar on art and social change.



Negotiations and Collaborations - In Between Mediums

Negotiations and Collaborations - In Between Mediums31 May 2014

31 May 2014


Moderated by Darryl Wee, Head Visual Arts, BLOUIN ARTINFO

Participants include:

Zul Mahmod, Artist
Rodion Trofimchenko, Curator, ENTOMORODIA Curatorial net/work, Frantic Gallery
Vanessa Fernandez "Vandetta", Artist & Musician
Dr Khor Chiea Chuen, Senior Research Scientist A*Star


This event is organized in conjunction with the New Sensibilities in Sculpture and Painting exhibition, held at Yeo Workshop.



Darryl Wee is Head of Visual Arts, Asia for BLOUIN ARTINFO. He has previously written about contemporary art for Artforum, Art Asia Pacific, LEAP, Bijutsu Techo, the Japan Times, and the Wall Street Journal, and has translated catalogues and essays on numerous Japanese artists and artist groups including Gutai, Makoto Aida, Tadasu Takamine, and Koki Tanaka.



Zulkifle Mahmod (b. 1975) is one of Singapore’s leading sound artists. ZUL has been at the forefront of a generation of sound-media artists in Singapore’s contemporary art development – one of the genres of international contemporary art-making that has been garnering interest for its inter- disciplinary approach and experimental edge. ZUL represented Singapore with a Sound Art Performance at the Ogaki Biennale in 2006, and was Singapore’s first sound artist with a full-on sound sculpture at the Singapore Pavilion of the 52nd Venice Biennale 2007. An Associate Artist at the alternative art space The Substation, ZUL has cut a reputation for integrating 3-D forms with ‘sound constructions’ and ‘sound-scapes’, often crossing genres and collaborating with other artists. ZUL is also the designer for the first Singtel F1 Grand Prix Night Race trophy in Singapore.

ZUL’s practice has been marked by diversity, with the artist exploring various media and platforms. Adopting a multi-disciplinary/multi-genre approach, that also include drawings, prints, sculptures and ready-mades, ZUL has exhibited in Singapore, Thailand, Germany, Japan, Vietnam, Italy, Moscow, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Norway and Finland. His "Stilt" series forms part of The Swissotel Stamford Singapore’s permanent art collection. His notable initiatives include an industrial- sound inspired soundtrack in conjunction with an Antoni Tapies exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum and winning Singapore Straits Time Life! Theatre Award 2010 for Best Sound Design (RPM by Kafai/Theatreworks).


RODION TROFIMCHENKO, Curator, ENTOMORODIA Curatorial net/work, Frantic Gallery

Frantic Gallery was founded in 2007 by Yasunobu Miyazaki, a devoted collector of photography and contemporary art. It was originally named "art project frantic". The first "frantic" location was in Nihonbashi district in Tokyo not far from Ginza. At that time, the growing gallery created a profile of new generation artists whose vision and works could be perceived and presented in the context of world art history. “Frantic” cautiously avoided the art with links to fashionable trends or popular culture. Instead, the gallery invited young artists with unique visions and independent thinking. In 2009 Miyazaki met Rodion Trofimchenko, an active young curator who was developing his “ENTOMORODIA curatorial net/work”. Together they managed to generate permanent foreign activities such as participating in numerous international art fairs and special projects that were parallel to the constant gallery shows in Japan.

In 2010 "art project frantic" was renamed to "Frantic Gallery”. Currently, the gallery is situated in a reconstructed elementary school not far from Shibuya district, surrounded by numerous studios of artists and designers. While insisting on personal values of its artists, aesthetic qualities of their works and thoughtful attitude towards contemporary Japanese art, Frantic Gallery has a clear strategy for exhibition program with permanent and intensive foreign shows and struggles for international recognition of Frantic Artists.


FERNANDEZ “VANDETTA”, Artist & Musician

Vanessa Fernandez a.k.a Vandetta is a Singaporean artist/musician.Vanessa’s foray into the world of music and entertainment began when she was just 12. AT the age of 16, Vanessa became part of the Singapore Repertoiry Theatre Young Company, performing in various plays and musicals. At 18 she became part of one of Singapore’s most successful groups, Urban Xchange, fronting Coca-Cola’s “Life Tastes Good” campaign. In the early 2000s, Urban Xchange led a hip-hop rennaissance in the local music industry and were nominated for Best Singapore Act at the 2002 MTV Asia Music Awards.

After completing a diploma in Mass Communication at Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 2006, she was asked to join Mediacorp Radio’s 987fm. For several years she helmed the morning drive time show while pushing local music forward through her acoustic live weekend show, 987Stripped. At the end of 2010, Vandetta left 987fm to return to her first love of music. She became part of audio-visual collective, Syndicate, performing with veteran hip-hop producer/DJ, Kiat, at the opening day of the infamous Gilles Peterson Worldwide Festival 2011 in Sete, France. In September that same year, she performed with veteran producer Jason Tan at the Singapore leg of the Worldwide Festival. The duo, known as Octover, released their album on the Syndicate imprint in January 2013.


DR KHOR CHIEA CHUEN, Senior Research Scientist A*Star

Dr Khor Chiea Chuen, Principal Investigator at the Genome Institute of Singapore, is a merit awardee in the Scientific and/or Technological Development category of The Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Singapore Awards 2013. The award, given by the Singaporean chapter of Junior Chamber International (JCI), a worldwide association of young people between the ages of 21 and 40, serves to recognise young people who create positive change and inspire others in their chosen fields, endeavours, and commitment to their communities. Dr Khor’s research spans many areas of human genetics studied across diverse human traits and disease conditions, with the long term goal of translating genetic findings into predictive medicine to improve healthcare in Singapore.

Dr Khor Chiea Chuen was awarded the 2013 Young Scientist Award for his research on genetics and heredity.



Mad About Chocolate

Mad About Chocolate15 March 2014

15 March 2014

Performance lectures between artist Joycelyn Wong & Elizabeth Lim,  as curated by Louis Ho. 



"Pasarcaya, a piece by local performance artist Elizabeth Lim, was presented as an intervention during a performance lecture by Louis Ho on contemporary Southeast Asian art. It was executed through the use of materials such as rope and tea. Twining a long piece of rope tied around her, Lim approached members of the audience, serving tea to them by kneeling and presenting a cup to each attendee. As the piece proceeded, the artist became more and more entangled in the ropes and  trying to serve the audience proved to be progressively more challenging, and bodily encumbered. The gesture of entwining both the artist's own body and that of the collective body of the audience is intended to evoke the role of the public in creating meaning and markets: most artists today are subject to the whims of the market and the broader public. Pasarcaya is a play on two words from Bahasa Melayu; "pasar", meaning market, and "caya", from the word "bercaya/percaya" which is to believe or understand".


“Mad About Chocolate (2014)” is a performance by Singapore artist Joycelyn Wong. Taking her reference from a George Orwell’s novel – 1984,

“The first fragment of chocolate had melted on Winston’s tongue. The taste was delightful. But there was still that memory moving round the edges of his consciousness, something strongly felt but not reducible to a definite shape, like an object seen out of the corner of one’s eye. He pushed it away from him, aware only that it was the memory of some action he would have liked to undo but could not ”

The artist abstracted the state of mind, which Winston was in and used it in her performance. In the novel, chocolate was used as metaphor for a regretted memory. The artist identified with the character in the novel as she shares a similar regret after she bleached her hair, causing it to be very dry and dull. Being sat comfortably in front of a stool with a table mirror, the action of dowsing her hair in chocolate mimics the way she would dye her hair at home.

Art & Law Symposium:   ‘Owning Contemporary Art: What it Means’

Art & Law Symposium:  ‘Owning Contemporary Art: What it Means’21 September 2013

21 September 2013

Yeo Workshop Presents the Symposium this week  - ‘Owning Contemporary Art: What it Means to Collect Works in Non-Traditional Medium’, with speaker Henry Lydiate

Satelite Event of Grand Prix Singapore Season 2013

Sat, 21 Sep 2013, 12noon – 2pm, 1 Gillman Barracks 01-01

Free admission and limited spaces. For more information or to register, please email

A short presentation by renowned Professor of Art Law Henry Lydiate at this free, public symposium as he addresses issues relating to contractual arrangements when collecting art in non-traditional medium. Join Lydiate and seasoned curator Seng Yu Jin in an open forum on the responsibilities of collectors as custodians of contemporary art. Seng Yu Jin will also speak about strategies on collecting contemporary art.



Collecting contemporary art can be an intimidating experience and often, when confronted with a work such as a performance piece, a video work or installation, or conceptual art, the intent to collect can be deterred by an uncertainty over what it is that is being acquired. This symposium will address pertinent questions on collecting contemporary art – how can a performance work be collected? What is involved in collecting a site-specific installation? What do we actually own when we collect a conceptual work?

In the first session, renowned Professor of Art Law Henry Lydiate will address issues relating to contractual arrangements when collecting art in non-traditional medium. In the second session, seasoned curator Seng Yu Jin will discuss the various strategies collectors can employ to collect contemporary art in its diversity of materials and practices from the ephemeral to the invisible. Emphasis will be on collecting strategies through documentation, display, technology and materiality will provide insights into how collecting contemporary art can be negotiated and mediated.

Audiences are then invited to join in an open forum discussion with the speakers on responsibilities of collectors as custodians of contemporary art.



12noon – 12:30pm     Presentation by Henry Lydiate - 'Owning Contemporary Art: What it Means’

12:30pm – 12:50pm   Break

12:50pm – 1:20pm     Presentation by Seng Yu Jin - 'Strategies to Collect the "Uncollectable" in Contemporary Art’

1:20pm – 2pm            Open Forum moderated by Henry Lydiate



Henry Lydiate, Professor of Art Law & Director of The Henry Lydiate Partnership LLP, UK, has specialised in business and legal issues relating to international art business for over forty years. He advises on a range of issues surrounding art and cultural property law including artist-dealer agreements, commission, sale and consignment agreements, and authenticity of an artwork. He has written a regular column for Art Monthly since its first issue in 1976 and his collected articles are published as the Artlaw Archive by Artquest. He has lectured at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Southwestern University Law School Los Angeles, and the University of the Arts London.

Henry Lydiate will be lecturing on Art Law & Business: Hot Topics in Contemporary Art at the Arnoldii Arts Club from 18 - 21 Sep 2013. Please refer to Afternoon/ Evening Courses for more details.


Seng Yu Jin worked as a Senior Curator heading the Southeast Asia Gallery at The National Art Gallery, Singapore. He is currently researching on artistic activities and its histories, focusing on the history of exhibitions as sites of discourses and artist collectives within the larger framework of how the different artworld systems operate in shape artistic production, reception, and dissemination. He is working on unfinished and unrealised artworks to understand the processes of art making as a productive field of enquiry, and its surrounding elation climax, but also unfulfilment. His curatorial interests extend into the history of collectivism, the history of exhibitions that shape the modern, and conceptualism in Southeast Asia. He is currently a Lecturer in the Faculty of Fine Arts, LASALLE College of the Arts, focusing on the Masters Asian Art Histories programme. He has curated exhibitions such as From Words to Pictures: Art During the Emergency, Affandi: A Painter of Genius, and co-curated Masriadi: Black is My Last Weapon, FX Harsono: Testimonies, and Cheong Soo Pieng: Bridging Worlds.

Arnoldii Arts Club

Arnoldii Arts ClubOngoing Programme for Art Engagement

Ongoing Programme for Art Engagement


Arnoldii Arts Club is an elite association which provides exclusive access to the burgeoning art scene in Singapore and the international contemporary art world. Through an annual calendar of day/evening courses and events, Arnoldii offers opportunities to attend specialist lectures, to meet and interact with renowned international artists, art professionals and academics.

The Arnoldii Professional and Patrons Programme provide participants with the skills, knowledge, and contacts to integrate and engage with contemporary art in a professional capacity. The courses are carefully crafted to provide inroads to understanding and appreciating complex issues surrounding the development of contemporary art, as well as offer insights into the workings of the international art world. Led by respected art professionals both Singapore and internationally, the diverse range of courses fall under three main modules: Art History, Art Production, and Art Market. Complementing them is a series of forums, guided tours to major international exhibitions and art fairs, as well as visits to artist studios.


Artists With Artists

Artists With ArtistsArtist & Curator Residencies

Artist & Curator Residencies


In partnership with Singapore based gallery Yeo Workshop, Grafis Minggiran is proud to announce their new invite-only artist in residence programme Artists with Artists.  By engaging in this international collaboration, the residence programme seeks to encourage and foster a technical, conceptual, cultural and creative exchange between Singapore based artists and the Yogyakarta based master printmakers.

Grafis Minggiran and Yeo Workshop will work closely together in the selection of artists, and the master printmakers will then work directly with those invited on artistic and research based projects.

Grafis Minggiran currently runs  three residency programs from their studio in Yogyakarta: An invite-only collaborative programme; an open call programme; and a research based initiative. Please see below for more details on each.


In addition to the invite-only Artists with Artists programme, Grafis Minggiran operates an application based residency programme that is open to anyone interested in coming to Yogyakarta and working in the studio with the print masters. Over a period of either 2 or 4 weeks, the print masters will dedicate time to working with the resident artists and teaching the a number of different printing techniques. Working at the studio with its members is also a wonderful way to get to know the greater Yogyakarta city and the unique artistic community within it.

If you have any questions or are interested in applying, please feel free to contact us.


The history of printmaking in Indonesia is a rich, important and multifaceted one that weaves together the realms of art, craft, geography, society and politics. However, it is under examined and little written about. As a printing studio directly born of, and part of this medium’s influential history, Grafis Minggiran is interested in inviting a curator to come to Yogyakarta research the topic. The studio and its members will provide a base, starting point and strong art network for the visiting researcher.

If you have any questions or are interested in applying, please feel free to contact us.






Grafis Minggiran Print Studio was founded in 2001 by a group of graphic art students from the Indonesian Institute of Art (ISI) Yogyakarta to support the production of their work and foster a space of collaboration between the members.

Over the last 14 years, the focus of the studio has organically evolved into an increasingly outward facing and interactive studio both on the local and international level. This has provided greater opportunities for discourse and exchange for the members while opening up the studio to use by the greater community and fostering a growing interest in the printed medium.

Going forward, the mission of Grafis Minggiran is to become one of the preeminent graphic art printing studios in Indonesia through the continued commitment by the members to the four grounding pillars of the studio:


Throughout the years of operation, the importance of, and need for, research and documentation has become increasingly apparent to those involved with Grafis Minggiran. To this end, the studio is in the process of compiling a technical guide to the printing techniques they are masters of, as well as contextualizing these techniques within the creative art history of Indonesia. The studio is also in the process of digitally recording all of the artwork that has been completed by the members and collaborators in the studio.



Grafis Minggiran holds regular exhibitions in a space adjacent to the studio and workshop, presenting the work of the members and collaborators. The exhibition programme allows the studio to activate the space beyond production and open the space up to anyone with an appreciation for the arts.


An exciting addition to the studio’s program is the initiation of a residency programme organised in conjunction with Singapore gallery and project space Yeo Workshop. The residency programme will allow for a formal and documented exchange of ideas and techniques.


Finally, community outreach and education is of fundamental importance to the members. A very popular moment of outreach and collaboration in the Grafis Minggiran calendar is the yearly Print Parade hosted by the studio, where the community is invited in to create and exhibit work in the space. More generally, throughout the year, the workshop, creative space and its members are made available to anyone that is interested in using the facilities and learning about the medium, whether it be high school/college students or other artists. In addition to this, the studio has a strong network with other art organisations, foundations and sites of production that the members are very generous in sharing.

For further enquiries about out Artist Residency Programme, workshop, facilities and proposals, please feel free to contact us.


Alfin Agnuba

Danang Hadi


Theresa (Tere) Agustina Sitompul

Rully Putra Adi

Deni Rahman


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