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Apertures is a group exhibition featuring the work of Mike HJ Chang, Merryn Trevethan, Xue Mu, and Filippo Sciascia in a presentation of contemporary artefacts, comprising drawing, painting and sculpture, that come together to present conceptions of light and its role in visual perception. These artworks are indices of the contemporary experience, highlighting the lenses of perception that currently filter the everyday experience of individuals, and conceiving a narrative of light and luminance as that which informs and structures our senses of perception and experiences of the world.

Exhibition Opening Events: Sat, 24 June 2017


Materialising a Perceived Reality Inside the Artist’s Studio: 
A conversation between Filippo Sciascia and Mike HJ Chang

The artist’s studio – the birthplace of new worlds. Experimenting with mediums and forms, Mike HJ Chang and Filippo Sciascia are two artists whose studio practices reveal a fascination with the human experience of the world and the problematic of reality and representation.

Mike HJ Chang deals with perception and inadequacy in his drawings and sculptures. Thinking about optical mechanisms and configurations such as camera obscura and Plato's cave, he explores notions of sight, light, and dimensions. Using heads and the artist studio as metaphors and sites of mediation, Chang exams limitation of human faculty, and also the woe and bliss that come with it.

Filippo Sciascia mixes archaeological objects and contemporary art subjects to create new symbols within his studio. Relating to his work in this exhibition, Lux Lumina is a concept he is developing in his practice, that focuses on the re-depiction of the photographic image on canvas, highlighting light as a visual element in photography and video.

Reconsidering illumination, the artists’ works delve into light and lenses that aid visual perception, which also prove to obscure and distort vision.



Aperture for Response:
a workshop led by Merryn Trevethan

Participants will be encouraged to use their own perceptions as a lens through which to respond to the works in the 'Apertures' exhibition at Yeo Workshop. Using your sense of sight to examine the visible worlds created by the artists, you will be led through a series of observational drawing strategies to take a closer look at the forms and spaces in the exhibition. 

If you have a favourite drawing medium (i.e. coloured pencils, pens, markers), feel free to bring it along for the workshop! Drawing materials (pencil and paper) will be provided. Drawing experience is not essential!

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