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Singapore Curators’ Cut: Important Contemporary Art Exhibitions

Yeo Workshop is pleased to present Curators' Cut, a publication featuring selections of past local exhibitions as chosen by five current and prominent Singapore-based curators, namely Savita Apte, Louis Ho, Ho Rui An, Seng Yu Jin, and Charmaine Toh. These curators were selected based on their rigorous, active and committed research in the arts, and their diverse perspectives, voices and issues that they present in their curatorial direction. Each curator was asked for 10 exhibition catalogues that are iconic for his/her understanding of the history of exhibitions in Singapore, which would form the basis for future research. 

Louis Ho, interested in performance art, highlighted Amanda Heng’s works as vital to the trajectory of feminism in visual arts. Now a curator at the National Gallery, Charmaine Toh drew on her expertise in film and photography to present a selection of video and photography-based exhibitions in Singapore. Savita Apte selected some international exhibitions based on her experience as an expatriate and as a Director of Art Dubai, which provides a more global perspective on our local art history. As a young arts writer, Ho Rui An is fascinated with the concept of an exhibition catalogue and provides a very different perspective, choosing to highlight exhibitions that spurred his research interests. Seng Yu Jin provided a timeline of historical events in Singapore as context for his selection of exhibitions, including pivotal groups and movements such as The Artists Village. 

Curators' Cut was an exhibition at Yeo Workshop in May 2014. In October 2016, the book will be launched to commemorate the exhibition, but more importantly, to further our contribution to Singapore’s contemporary art history. The publication is a consolidation of the selected exhibitions and features commentary from all the curators who contributed to this project. Also included are relevant exhibition information and the curators' personal notes on the various selected exhibitions. We hope this book can serve as a scripted archive of some important exhibitions in Singapore’s art history and as a valuable starting point for future research and development in the field. 

The book will be available in a limited edition of 500.