"Audience with an Artist" aimed to ntroduce the visual arts to fresh audiences in an engaging, personal way, while representing the diverse practices of artists in Singapore. The two contemporary artists who come from different generations and have rather different practices were invited to dialogue with a new audience that extends beyond the art industry. The language and content of this talks programme were made accessible by noteworthy moderators from other industries, ranging from technology and design, finance and business, F&B and hospitality, to lifestyle and fashion. The artists posed questions to the artists about their practice, inspiration, and their ways of seeing, thinking and being.

The first talk in August 2018 was with Cheo Chai Hiang and Wei Xin Chong in conversation with a moderator from the world of finance, an investment strategist for GIC, Sean Koh. A second talk was held September 2018, with artists Ruben Pang and Jason Lim in conversation with a moderator from the world of branding and lifestyle, founder of creative agency Ppurpose, Tracy Phillips.

Other education programmes include:

- START at Gillman Barracks Fair 2019

- 'Negotiations and Collaborations - In Between Mediums'  organised in conjunction with the New Sensibilities in Sculpture and Painting exhibition, held at Yeo Workshop.

- ‘Art and Law Symposium - Owning Contemporary Art: What it Means to Collect Works in Non-Traditional Medium’, with speaker Henry Lydiate

- Arnoldii Arts Club Hong Kong Arts Tour