HUFF: From Studio to Pavilion  

The HUFF Studio was conceived and built by artist Marcin Dudek in order to establish a bespoke artistic residency space Gillman Barracks, during Art Week 2015. In addition to creating the space, the artist sought to engage the public in a series of workshops.


House Under Four Flags, a tribute to the

unique convergence that can occur within

a space, reflecting Singapore’s four races

and languages.


Following the artist’s departure, the space will be left for ongoing investigation, engaging in future artistic capital and to function as a/an:

Exhibition space
Workshop location
Artist Studio

Loosely based on the country-specific pavilions at events like the Venice Biennale, Dudek built the pavilion with his own two hands – itself a comment on fabrication – a common practice where artists have their work built by third parties. Dudek’s theme of anti-ready-made is to encourage artists to return to craftsmanship, to be hands on in their labour. The notion of artistic labour and what it means to dedicate one’s life to practice is also explored. Dudek also explores the lines between interior & exterior and hopes that HUFF will spark a conversation about Structure, Space, Separation & Construction


  • Floor area: 10sqm
  • Table, chair, shelf, chest with lock
  • Basic building tools
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Wifi and electricity

Users wanting to work in HUFF should  explore the following themes in the art:

  • Private and public space
  • Artistic labour
  • Anti-Readymade


Users should:

Aim to enhance their current practice and use the space as a platform for social discourse

Plan for a programme of visible public outreach that is accessible to the wider population
Have projects with a clear concept and research plan to support it



How to Engage in a Live Artist Studio: 17 Jan 2015, 6 - 8pm 

Marcin Dudek will invite the public into his self-made studio for a guided tour, where videos, sketches and some of the artist’s collage work will be on view. Through their interactions with the studio, Dudek hopes to demonstrate that it is possible to carve out an artistic practice within limited spaces, particularly for artists in Singapore struggling to find the room to be creative.

This session is part of an afternoon of artist engagements, beginning with ‘Artist in Conversation: Challenging the Artistic Process’, a conversation between Artist Maryanto and Curator Louis Ho from 3 – 4:30pm, and ‘HOW TO Survive as an Artist’ a talk with Singaporean artist, Ian Woo from 4:30 – 6pm.


No Room To Get Lost: 18 – 25 Jan 2015, 11am - 7pm 

Book making has always been an integral part of Marcin Dudek’s practice – he began his career binding his own catalogues and making zines and graduated to using the process as a tool for understanding and research. During these interactive sessions, you are invited to work alongside the artist to discover book making for yourself. Feel free to bring in any material that inspires you – recycled magazines, fabric scraps and old cardboard can all be repurposed as material for a beautiful art book.

Kindly book your hour-long session with Marcin in advance with Liying Phng at or Faith at


HOW TO Create Art for Public Spaces: 22 Jan 2015, 6 - 8pm

Marcin Dudek’s practice is often involved in investigations of the concept of ‘space’, leading to various projects conceived in spaces that encourage public interaction. During this talk he will discuss some of these projects, and the process of working in a public environment. This will include a discussion on the ever-changing notion of ‘public space’ and its implications for artists. 

The residency was used by artist Merryn Trevethan who also conducted outdoor painting workshops.