We are excited to announce an upcoming project with the production of a monograph, where we honor a pioneer artist and his invaluable contributions to the figurative arts of Singapore, which will no doubt go down in history. You get to be part of it.

The project aims to bring the works and life of Solamalay Namasivayam to light through this exciting and important archival initiative. Be the first to create a memorable monograph for an iconic Singaporean artist and to support the development of an educational resource which will be available to schools, libraries, researchers, art lovers and the general public.

Namasivayam believed in a technical study of life drawing as a Colombo scholar, and as learnt from his studies in Australia. While shielding the art form from his own community, he was an upstanding figure in the arts with peers like Ng Eng Teng, Brother McNally and other cultural giants. We can credit Nama for the forging of art education and the acceptance of life drawing today in the Singapore school curriculum, and the continuation of life drawing societies. He believed in the art form, and dedicated two decades at the end of his life to its fervent study, generating hundreds of dynamic portraits.

Stay tuned for updates about the project fundraiser and other news, or email us at info@yeoworkshop.com for more information.