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In partnership with Singapore based gallery Yeo Workshop, Grafis Minggiran is proud to announce their new invite-only artist in residence programme Artists with Artists.  By engaging in this international collaboration, the residence programme seeks to encourage and foster a technical, conceptual, cultural and creative exchange between Singapore based artists and the Yogyakarta based master printmakers.

Grafis Minggiran and Yeo Workshop will work closely together in the selection of artists, and the master printmakers will then work directly with those invited on artistic and research based projects.

Grafis Minggiran currently runs  three residency programs from their studio in Yogyakarta: An invite-only collaborative programme; an open call programme; and a research based initiative. Please see below for more details on each.


In addition to the invite-only Artists with Artists programme, Grafis Minggiran operates an application based residency programme that is open to anyone interested in coming to Yogyakarta and working in the studio with the print masters. Over a period of either 2 or 4 weeks, the print masters will dedicate time to working with the resident artists and teaching the a number of different printing techniques. Working at the studio with its members is also a wonderful way to get to know the greater Yogyakarta city and the unique artistic community within it.

If you have any questions or are interested in applying, please feel free to contact us.


The history of printmaking in Indonesia is a rich, important and multifaceted one that weaves together the realms of art, craft, geography, society and politics. However, it is under examined and little written about. As a printing studio directly born of, and part of this medium’s influential history, Grafis Minggiran is interested in inviting a curator to come to Yogyakarta research the topic. The studio and its members will provide a base, starting point and strong art network for the visiting researcher.

If you have any questions or are interested in applying, please feel free to contact us.






Grafis Minggiran Print Studio was founded in 2001 by a group of graphic art students from the Indonesian Institute of Art (ISI) Yogyakarta to support the production of their work and foster a space of collaboration between the members.

Over the last 14 years, the focus of the studio has organically evolved into an increasingly outward facing and interactive studio both on the local and international level. This has provided greater opportunities for discourse and exchange for the members while opening up the studio to use by the greater community and fostering a growing interest in the printed medium.

Going forward, the mission of Grafis Minggiran is to become one of the preeminent graphic art printing studios in Indonesia through the continued commitment by the members to the four grounding pillars of the studio:


Throughout the years of operation, the importance of, and need for, research and documentation has become increasingly apparent to those involved with Grafis Minggiran. To this end, the studio is in the process of compiling a technical guide to the printing techniques they are masters of, as well as contextualizing these techniques within the creative art history of Indonesia. The studio is also in the process of digitally recording all of the artwork that has been completed by the members and collaborators in the studio.



Grafis Minggiran holds regular exhibitions in a space adjacent to the studio and workshop, presenting the work of the members and collaborators. The exhibition programme allows the studio to activate the space beyond production and open the space up to anyone with an appreciation for the arts.


An exciting addition to the studio’s program is the initiation of a residency programme organised in conjunction with Singapore gallery and project space Yeo Workshop. The residency programme will allow for a formal and documented exchange of ideas and techniques.


Finally, community outreach and education is of fundamental importance to the members. A very popular moment of outreach and collaboration in the Grafis Minggiran calendar is the yearly Print Parade hosted by the studio, where the community is invited in to create and exhibit work in the space. More generally, throughout the year, the workshop, creative space and its members are made available to anyone that is interested in using the facilities and learning about the medium, whether it be high school/college students or other artists. In addition to this, the studio has a strong network with other art organisations, foundations and sites of production that the members are very generous in sharing.

For further enquiries about out Artist Residency Programme, workshop, facilities and proposals, please feel free to contact us.


Alfin Agnuba

Danang Hadi


Theresa (Tere) Agustina Sitompul

Rully Putra Adi

Deni Rahman




The Print Studio - The Grafis Minggiran Print Studio is split up into three areas:

Co-working space: Situated at the front of the studio when you enter, this space is focused around a central communal table where the artist sketch, prepare their plates, hold meetings, chat, prepare prints for delivery etc.

The printing room: everything to do with the printing process takes place in this room and the adjoining acid and chemical processing area. There are 2 printmaking machines here, as well as work top surface area and hanging lines to dry the prints. 

Exhibition space: A narrow area runs the length of the two rooms mentioned above and is used as an exhibition space.

Living Arrangements: There are a host of affordable hotels in the vicinity/ Apartments available by rental, homestays with Artists.  Please contact us for more information.