Black Star

  Mike HJ Chang    

​Mike HJ Chang deals with perception and inadequacy in his drawings and sculptures. Thinking about optical mechanisms and configurations such as camera obscura and Plato’s cave, he explores notions of sight, light, and dimensions. Chang’s works in the exhibition explore the intersection of the experienced world and the internal mechanisms of the mind, driven by a fascination with the imaginative possibilities of non-Euclidean geometry. The spherical sculptures are representations of heads or small worlds, each evoking a particular way of perception to explore how the internal mechanisms of the mind illuminate the individual experience. Chang’s playful drawings, in which images from the everyday are defamiliarised are evocative of new dimensions of reality. Using heads and the artist studio as metaphors and sites of mediation, Chang examines the limitation of human faculty, and also the woe and bliss that come with it.

Artwork Details