[NFT] Eclipse, 2021

  only losers left alive    

Eclipse, 2021


NFT, Single-channel black and white silent video

Duration: 8m 40s

Edition of 1 + 1 AP

Available on OpenSea

Eclipse is a silent vignette that enmeshes the complex ecologies of body and landscape in a chiaroscuric play of dark and light. In the work, the shifting textures of the performer’s body and its immediate surrounds are evocative of the titular celestial phenomena. The artist has constructed an environment that is activated through the introduction of a closed somatic spiral - the embryonic form of the performer’s body disrupting and dissolving into the surface terrain as it rotates about its axis, revealing more of itself as the space and the objects around it darken. This eclipse is performed at a glacial pace. The front of the performer’s body remains hidden from the viewer’s sight, rendering it genderless and occluding signifiers of its humanity. The camera assumes a top-down gaze, reminiscent of geo-mapping technology, satellite imagery and aerial photography. The work, as such, also addresses the rote abstraction and objectification of the body through surveillance technology, by treating the corporeal as topographical.

XUE is an eponymous surrogate for Singaporean artist and butoh dancer Sher Chew — a conductor of clandestine realities, activated through rave sensibilities, live performance, sound collaborations and video work. XUE is interested in the economy of the self as mediated through technology. Their work unpacks the tenuous allure of the posthuman fantasy as a means of recognizing or transcending one’s body. XUE cultivates methods of aesthetic production as intervention, wielding an impressionistic style of world building as a form of critical inquiry. Motifs of ‘captivity’ or ‘entrapment’ are prevalent in XUE’s worlds — post-lingual spaces often involving silent or disarticulate bodies routinely subject to invisible restrictions. XUE’s practice is in enacting and unearthing new mythologies, as a means of reclaiming personal and cultural identities.

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