Honey Trap Prints (Large), 2021

  Lizzie Wee    

Digital Print on Fabric (Large)


83 x 58 cm each

Editions of 3 each

200 SGD each

​Building on her extensive research of female archetypes in popular culture, Lizzie Wee creates a new video work that examines the notions of ‘desire’ and ‘seduction’ stereotypical of female characters portrayed in Asian television series and movies. She looks towards stylised imagery of women and re-appropriates vernacular used to describe them to devise her own femme fatale. Cross-referencing vintage magazines including Penthouse and Playboy that she gathered from her father’s youth, Wee unpacks how women have been depicted to be desirable though purposefully posed images in domestic settings and fan fictional-like texts of strangers’ sexual escapades. From phrases like “Gentle pleasures, give me young honey” taken from these magazines to popular lyrics “(like a virgin) touched for the very first time”, Wee frames a familiar yet disconcerting image of femininity through the years. The work exudes a poetic reflection on womanhood with a viscous sensibility through her original arrangement of these texts and literature. In abstracted fragments of her own body rendered in varying hues of pink, Wee transports us to an otherworldly, sensuous rhapsody. She takes an absurdist turn on the idea of the ‘honey trap’, where the beautiful borders the grotesque, challenging how femininity and the construct of it has given rise to the illusion of an ‘ideal’ woman.

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