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New Home A Stone Throw’s Away

Loke Hong Seng

​Taken between the years 1963 and 1985, Loke Hong Seng’s photographs show the story of Singapore, every shot an entrancing moment in the rapid transformation that is Singapore’s growth, making Loke’s work a treasured rarity. He is part of the pioneer generation of artists in Singapore, and his works provide insights into not just the history of 20th century Singapore, but is also an important part of Singapore’s art history. His works encourages a new reading of early photography at a time when photography struggled to establish itself as a viable medium.

Loke Hong Seng’s photographs are not merely nostalgic reminders of the past but rather reminders of the sacrifices made in the name of progress. Each image is valuable at once as a grasp of history as well as a demonstration of art photography in composition, style and technique.

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Price: $2,200.00

Artist: Loke Hong Seng
Title: New Home A Stone Throw's Away
Medium: Digital Print on Archival Cotton Paper
Size: 67 x 66.5 cm
Date: 1970/2015
Edition: of 15