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New Sensibilities in Sculpture and Paintings (Catalogue)

Taisuke Mohri
Catalogue published on occasion of exhibition “New Sensibilities in Sculpture and Painting” featuring artists Atsushi Koyama, Zul Mahmod, Taisuke Mohri and Haruki Ogawa.
The catalogue encompasses three essays: An introduction on cross cultural artistic processes by Audrey Yeo; an essay by Darryl Jingwen Wee (Head of Visual Arts, Asia, BLOUIN ARTINFO); and a transcription of the “Artist Talk: Negotiations and Collaborations - In Between Mediums” between Rodion Trofimchenko, Curator of Entomorodia Network, Vanessa Fernandez (Lush 995FM), Dr Khor Chiea Chuen (Senior Scientist A* scientist and Zul Mahmod (artist), moderated by Darry Wee, Head of Visual Arts Asia Blouin Artinfo, that was held in conjunction with the exhibition.

Price: $10.00

Publisher: Yeo Workshop
Edition: 400
Language: English