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Nothing Remains Unchanged

Wong Lip Chin

​From the appropriation of an entire bus stop, to getting tattoo-ed as part of an exhibition opening, to a performance involving a live cow (see next page), Singaporean artist Wong Lip Chin’s practice is defined less by the logic of conceptual themes or visual motifs, but rather by an attitude of unconventional risk-taking and a spirited, venturous approach towards art and visuality that would be termed, in popular parlance, ‘crazy’.

Yeo Workshop is pleased to announce Wong’s upcoming first solo collaboration with the gallery which is scheduled to open 11 July 2020. This painting “Nothing remains unchanged” is part of this upcoming new exhibition and shows cartography and Raffle’s bust, part of the artist’s need to reflect a Singaporean cultural Identity his their practice.

Wong Lip Chin (b. 1987, Singapore) began his artistic career as a painter, but his more recent creative trajectory is centered on multi-sensorial modalities in art, especially the olfactory, auditory and gustatory. His works tend toward a strongly autobiographical bent, dealing with issues and shifts in his personal life. Of late, his works have also addressed themes concerning speculative or vernacular histories pertinent to the folkloric traditions of the Sinosphere.

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Price: $2,200.00

Artist: Wong Lip Chin
Title: Nothing Remains Unchanged
Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 65 x 105cm
Year: 2014