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Oceans and Mountains

Mike HJ Chang

​“During the lockdown I have been thinking the notion of time. I started doing some reading and research about the history of sea navigation. One thing led to another; I was hooked on John Harrison’s life long pursuit of inventing the first clock that could be used on sea voyage. For a long time it was really difficult for sailors to keep precise time on the ocean, as it was key information to know one’s position. Because of the motion of the waves, pendulum clock could not keep time until Harrison’s invention of the H4 Clock in the year 1750. Long story short, I started thinking about waves, storms, and seasickness as motifs for my new landscape paintings. I am interested in the idea that it is human nature to look for patterns in midst of chaos, rhythms in cacophony, orders in randomness. As Circuit Breaker changes the way we look at many things, time feels very differently in both physical and metaphysical sense. When we feel disorientated it is because the fluid in our eardrums is setting into new position. Metaphorically speaking, that’s what many of us are going through in this time. Perhaps John Harrison can lend as a good aspiration: inventing our own little time keepers to orient ourselves. I think the act of painting is that for me.”

Mike HJ Chang is a Singapore based artist, Taiwanese American in origin. He is an artist and educator of fine arts. He received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles, and his Master of Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts.

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Price: $2,500.00

Artist: Mike HJ Chang
Title: Ocean and Mountains
Materials: Watercolor, oil pastels, pencil on paper
Size: 110 x 60cm
Year: 2020