Playlist of lights (over the Supertree Grove, Central Business District with tail of Merlion)

  Fyerool Darma    

​In these new series of works, ‘obj’, Fyerool catalogues scenes and imageries by looking through souvenir t-shirts from Singapore. From direct-to-garment printing to dye sublimation printings, as methods used for these products, these textiles were initially produced as objects of export or souvenirs. The author of the design is unknown yet its production or its brand is. In this series, the imageries were exported onto textiles and stretched like a painting and layers of resin is applied as a varnish.

Through these objects Fyerool enquires on the minimal gesture of the painter and what values do these images found on souvenir t-shirts possibly mean as archive images, and what part does methods such as direct-to-garment printing and dye sublimation printing represent to contemporary folk aesthetics given its role within the consumer trade.
These series of works is part of an ongoing catalogue of objects for his upcoming individual presentation in middle of 2021, Revs your Heart, Thank God We Live. The presentation is a continuation to his long-term project ‘After Ballads’(2017- present).

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