Short Circuit, 2021

  only losers left alive    

Short Circuit (2021)

Victoria Hertel

Sumi ink and gum arabic on floor, and ceiling-based installation of LED flexible strip lights and ultrasonic sensors

Dimensions Variable

Commission-based, $750/sqm

Short Circuit is a fusion work consisting of a floor- and ceiling-based immersive installation. Drawing attention to the liminal architectural poles of ground and roof, the work highlights the presence and relational space in between. As visitors move through the gallery, the floor’s glossy, speckled blackness and ceiling’s responsive phantom glow begin to inter-reflect. Taking its aesthetic cues and title from Daft Punk’s album “Discovery”, the work translates the record’s futuristic vision into an enmeshed play of the technologic and the primal, its material composition ranging from flexible LED strips to natural gum derived from acacia trees. With chemical reactions constituting a significant component of Hertel’s painterly processes, the ink and gum arabic mixture applied to the floor was specifically selected to respond to the surface. The poured liquid is repelled, pooled or redirected as it organically moves over the floor, gradually delineating and visualizing an unearthly topography.

Victoria Hertel is a German-Venezuelan artist working in process painting, site-specific installation and material studies. She is interested in material-oriented phenomena and trace as energy in materialities. Hertel‘s research and practice focus on immersive sensory experiences that address the inherent knowledge of the body. Her work is characterised by a monochromatic and organic aesthetic that highlights the communicative potential of materialities and our existential relation to them. In 2016 Hertel received her BFA from the University of Barcelona, during which she also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich on an Erasmus+ scholarship. In 2021 she graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore with an MA in Fine Arts. Hertel lives and works in Singapore.

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