​synapse, 2021

  only losers left alive    

synapse, 2021

Chok Si Xuan

Mixed media installation of woven tubing

133 x 82 x 30 cm

synapse is an installation of hand-woven tubes that pumps liquid through its web of sinuous, imbricated conduits. Chok’s practice is primarily concerned with the investigation of material systems as embodiments of connections or relationships, often disrupting these inimical technologies with bodily acts that signify women’s work and the human hand. Informed by cultural theorist Sadie Plant’s text, “In The Future Looms: Weaving Women and Cybernetics”, the work here utilizes the gesture of weaving as one that brings together the digital sphere and somatic immediacy, with elements of crocheting and knotting as an analogy for the interactions within a body, as well as data flows in cybernetic systems. The artist notes that “Singapore’s hyper-fixation on technology as an attempt to ‘future-proof’ and the perpetuation of the myth of technology’s infallibility creates more vulnerable points.” Here, these points of vulnerability are expressed as a languid, almost animated physicality. The water bubbling through the pliant lengths of woven tubing seem to be an entity alive, a swirling, moving being in an otherwise static shell.

Chok Si Xuan graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (First Class Honours) from LASALLE College of the Arts, in partnership with Goldsmiths, College of London (2020). A sculptor whose practice concerns tackling all things 3D - digitally, tangibly, and metaphysically, she is interested in cybernetics - the feedback between humans, living organisms and machines - and exploration of physical relationships. With a curiosity centred around navigating systems, she is focused on using elements and materials that represent of movement, the natural, the synthetic. By exploring media such as silicone, found objects, and incorporating electronics like Arduino microcontrollers and methods such as 3D modelling and printing, she pursues the exploration of such dynamics through developing such visual language, and observing the technical and biological relationships ecosystems have. She currently resides and practices in Singapore.

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