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The Department of Subterranea

Marcin Dudek

​Following more than a decade producing artworks that deal with the literal and figurative underground, Marcin Dudek created The Department of Subterranea. While the story begins with the artist following his father into the mines, it matures to encompass an overview of human underground activity that covers amateur excavation, illegal tunneling, smuggling, deserted subway networks, sewer systems and subversive ideological struggles. This book contains explanations of projects, processes and archives, created by Marcin Dudek between 2004 and 2014. It is not an overview of all of the artist’s work to date, but an introduction to his core research and production.

Price: $60.00

Publisher: Harlan Levey Projects, MER. Paper Kunsthalle
Hardback: 200 pages
Editor: Anna Stüler
Edition : 800 copies
Language: English
Year : 2015
ISBN: 978-94-9232-103-9