The Mega Remix, 2020

  only losers left alive    

The Mega Remix, 2020

Hamkah Latib

Puffer Jacket, Hoodie and Pants (works can be purchased separately)

Velvet, nylon satin blend, Swarovski crystals

The trope of the remix lies at the heart of Hamkah’s designs. The artist, who was trained in fashion, foregrounds the collision of different, polarising ideas that is the gesture of remixing - as written about by David Gunkel in Of Remixology: Ethics and Aesthetics After Remix. His aesthetics are rooted in the cut-and-paste technique, and the present collection originally derived its sartorial sensibilities from stacking and splicing together contemporary and Renaissance designs and imagery, from the slashing of Renaissance-esque garments to the inclusion of contemporary branding symbols and graffiti styles. Here, those sensibilities have been overlaid by an end-of-the-world remix, referencing two post-apocalyptic movies. The high fashion maximalism of The Hunger Games is juxtaposed against the grittiness of Mad Max: Fury Road. The fashion displays are here deconstructed and strategically suspended and layered, with the use of plush and high shine materials scattered among potentially distressed and frayed pieces - encapsulating the art of cut-and-paste in remixing.

Hamkah Latib is a creative whose excellence thrives in fashion and art collectively. Graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with a Bachelor in Fashion Design & Textiles. His expertise is in fashion design, art direction and illustrations. Often seeking a deeper conversation through his works, he fuses references from the past with the contemporary elements as a form of satire. He trademarks an edgy yet refined aesthetic with a maximalist touch.

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