The Timeline: like the delayed rays of a star, 2021

  only losers left alive    

The Timeline: like the delayed rays of a star (2021)

Sarah Isabelle Tan

Archival pigment prints (all), and single-channel colour video without sound 59 x 42 cm each + NFT single channel colour video

Edition of 3 + 1 AP

A fundamental part of Tan’s photography-based practice is a desire to possess what is always beyond reach. “The Timeline” is a body of work revolves around the melancholy associated with the ephemerality of physical objects. Originally created as camera-less photogram prints of organic floral matter - the specimens were located in the artist’s neighbourhood - the work contemplates the ‘lost object’, a longing for an ultimately unobtainable thing. The original physical prints were left intentionally unfixed, therefore remaining transient as it continues changing and deteriorating for as long as it is exposed to light; like the organic matter that is its subject, the image itself is thus rendered temporally contingent. Re-represented as digitally scanned images, the work is an attempt to perceive and comprehend the fluidity and impermanence of tangible objects, only to result in a longing for what will always remain inaccessible.

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