​The Timeline: To a World Without Time, 2019-21

  only losers left alive    

The Timeline: To a World Without Time, 2019-21

Black-and-white photographic handprints on silver gelatin fibre paper

15 prints, 5 x 6” each

Edition of 3 + 1 AP

**Each image are hand printed, so each print will have slight variations and uniqueness in their nature.

The Timeline is an ongoing meditation on the perception of the nature of time. The present set of fifteen images is a sub-series that represent reconstructed fragments from various points in the artist’s life, taking its inspiration from the still frames of Chris Marker’s La Jetée (1962). The latter tells the tale of a time-travelling man from a post-apocalyptic future who witnesses his own death as a child without knowing it, only to discover that the sight of the death that has been haunting him his entire life is his own. Depicting barren topographies mostly devoid of human presence, the images here serve as Tan’s impressions of the remains of a world laid low. It bears a disturbing parallel to the lifeless and motionless subjects of Marker’s montage film, a suspension of life within death that is the photographic image, held in static suspension outside of time’s continuum. As in La Jetée, where the audience is presented with the protagonist’s death at the very beginning of the film, the images here foreshadow a certain future, and eventual death.

Sarah Isabelle Tan (b. 1995, Singapore) is an artist whose work delves into the ontology of the photographic, navigating between nuances of the tangible and intangible. Working across visual imagery and printmaking, she is particularly interested in the materiality of the photograph and its (re)representation of things. Navigating personal encounters of loss, memory, fleeting moments, and a longing to possess what is always beyond reach, Sarah’s practice is driven by open-ended inquisition and contemplation.

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