Maisarah Kamal

Maisarah Kamal is a Singaporean visual artist searching for the unordinary and the cast away. With an emphasis on found elemental materials found in industrial areas (scrapyards) and in nature, Maisarah Kamal creates sculptures that are mundane and absurd as a result of intuitive experimentation and reflection over time. Her sculptures are cut, bent, hammered, drilled and dremel-ed, tied together, polished and sanded, exposing certain energies and associations. Her works aim to trigger self-reflection to expound on existential ideas which she often ponders, of time, rhythm, movement and loss.

Maisarah holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Arts (First Class Honour) from Lasalle College Of The Arts. She is also the recipient of the Anugerah Mendaki Award in 2019, and the Goh Chok Tong Promise Award in 2017. Alongside her practice as a visual artist, Maisarah is also an educator. She is part of Tekad Collectif, a group of young independent educators based in Singapore.