FMFMN Workshop

11 June 2022 

Saturday, 11 June, 14:00-16:00, a workshop in reading and making with artist and curator

Artist Priyageetha Dia and Curator Anca Rujoiu.


This workshop will draw on Priyageetha Dia’s artistic methods employed in her solo exhibition and other references that informed the making of Forget Me, Forget Me Not at Yeo Workshop. Through world building in speculative narration and appropriation of stock photography, Dia addresses histories of Indian migration and labour in Malaya’s rubber plantations. Questioning what it means to retell the past and confront historical omissions, the participants in the workshop will be encouraged to engage and negotiate with archival materials selected by the artist. Cultural historian Saidiya Hartnam’s article “Venus in Two Acts” and her storytelling method of “critical fabulation” will be introduced and read together.


Given the process-oriented nature of this event, there is a limited capacity of participants.


Email to sign up the workshop.