LIVE ART PERFORMANCE: WONG LIP CHIN: 壬寅六夏黄利劲绘 Wong Lip Chin in the six month of the ren-yin year

Yeo Workshop 13 August 2022 
Yeo Workshop 4.30pm - 6pm

"壬寅六夏黄利劲绘 Wong Lip Chin in the 6th month of the Ren-Yin Year” is a live artist performance that mixes ritual and ceremony against the backdrop of The Zhongyuan/Ghost Festival, a traditional Taoist and Buddhist month-long festival that pays tribute to spirits of Heaven and Hell. Wong’s artworks often address on themes concerning speculative or vernacular histories pertinent to the folkloric traditions of the Sinosphere grounded in relational aesthetics. Be prepared to encounter the uncanny as Wong Lip Chin manifests a spiritual awakening through his characters, Lilou, Oomoo, and Gemunggal. Through a ritual-like procession, Wong draws our attention to the transcendence of our finite selves, an unconscious ontology of experience, and re-enchants us with the mystery of our world.