ART AND MARKET | ‘From Your Eyes to Ours’ at Coda Culture

Chand Chandramohan, Art and Market, December 16, 2019

‘From Your Eyes to Ours’ is running from 6 to 20 December 2019 at Coda Culture featuring Singapore’s first contemporary art event with an all-South Asian line-up. The event comprises of a visual arts exhibition entitled ‘Yes, I Speak Indian’, a film screening of ‘Between Pudukkottai and Singapore – Poems by N. Rengarajan’ directed by Vishal Daryanomel and produced by Shameen/Sifar, a performance art piece ‘7.35%’ featuring artists Div, Chand Chandramohan, Priyageetha Dia, and Shameen/Sifar, as well as a workshop titled ‘Wokeshop: Strategies for Creating and Maintaining Space’.

Since independence, Singapore’s demographics has been categorised by the Chinese-Malay-Indian-Other (CMIO) system. As of 2018, 76.2% of the population is Chinese. Reflecting these numbers, many of Singapore’s art spaces feature mostly Chinese artists. In recent years, artists and curators have made efforts to create events and exhibitions focused on minority identities. However, South Asian artists have so far not been part of this increased visibility, and this is what I, along with my co-organisers Seelan Palay and Divaagar, sought to address with ‘From Your Eyes to Ours’.