Singapore Art Museum | SAM Contemporaries: Residues & Remixes

Singapore Art Museum, May 15, 2023

Installation view of Priyageetha Dia’s LAMENT H.E.A.T. (2023). Image courtesy of Singapore Art Museum.

 Installation view of Fyerool Darma's Total Output (2023). Image courtesy of Singapore Art Museum.


Discover new dimensions in Singapore art through the inaugural presentation of SAM Contemporaries, featuring six Singapore-based artists whose works explore the intersections between historical narratives and contemporary experience.

SAM Contemporaries is a biennial project focusing on emerging practices and generative trends in Singapore art. Fueled by collective research, SAM Contemporaries is a platform for experimentation, built upon sustained conversations and close collaboration between artists and curators.


The inaugural edition titled Residues & Remixes considers the impact of historical remnants on the present as well as the influence of new technologies on how we see, experience and understand the world. Migration and cultural flows have defined the region's history, its landscape, memories and economies. In this exhibition, artists adopt new methods and approaches rooted in de- and post-colonial perspectives to engage with residues of time and place, excavate hidden histories and uncover forgotten stories. With an eye on the impact of digital technologies on contemporary experiences, the artists unveil intersections between the past and the present.


From everyday experiences to everyday materials, the works presented in Residues & Remixes highlight the ways in which the artists are remixing and reimagining these residues of time, creating new narratives and reinterpreting the past and present with a broadened lens.



Yeyoon Avis Ann

Anthony Chin

Priyageetha Dia

Fyerool Darma

Khairulddin Wahab

Moses Tan


18 May to 24 Sep 2023

Gallery 1, SAM at Tanjong Pagar Distripark & SAM Hoardings at Bras Basah Rd and 8 Queen St
General Admission (Free for Singaporeans and PRs)