The Gathering: 千岁宫 (Qiānsuì gōng): The Winding Stream Party: Tea and Incense Experience

Kreta Ayer Square, Chinatown 24 March 2022
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The Gathering: 千岁宫 is a new site-specific art commission that continues Wong Lip Chin’s ongoing interest in developing multi-modal art experiences in relation to the intricacies of Chinese culture and history.


Winding stream parties (流觞曲水: Liúshāng qū shuǐ) date back more than 1600 years, where Chinese literati (scholar-officials) would seat themselves along the banks of a coursing stream and compose poems as cups of rice wine float down to reach them. Re-envisioning the experience for contemporary audiences of all faiths and cultures, an intricately constructed table with a winding stream feature within the garden serves as the main gathering place for a tea and incense pairing experience hosted by the artist, Wong Lip Chin.


Drawing on his extensive and growing body of research on tea and incense culture, Wong’s thoughtful selections and pairings are sure to tantalise the tastebuds and invigorate the olfactory senses while intimating its evolution and permutations through history. Informed by traditional Chinese medicine, teas and incense that will be utilised during the experience have been blended and crafted by himself. Served on a set of exclusive tea ware, made from Singapore clay, and specially crafted for the programme by Kim Whye Kee of Qi Pottery, the experience offers an elevated encounter with the self and others, and an encounter with a time beyond our own.


The Gathering: 千岁宫 is produced and curated by Singaporean curator John Z.W. Tung. 


The Winding Stream Party: Tea and Incense Experience

24 March, 2022
5:00 pm

SGD $10/person


Kreta Ayer Square

21 Banda St

Singapore, 050005



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