Fyerool Darma: l♠nd$¢♠pΞ$ In-Gallery Programmes: Celebrating the value of labour and the power of generosity

29 January - 27 February 2022 

l♠️nd$¢♠️pΞ$ offers foraged and glitched imagery of the local, supralocal, and virtual environments of Fyerool Darma, remixed and produced with many collaborators and the support of the benevolent forces of chance at work in the cosmos. Simultaneously celebrating the value of labour and the power of generosity, project programming takes many forms. Part host, part DJ, part jester, part draughtsman, Darma presents this project as a series of organic connections between his research, his lived experiences, and his love of animated dinosaurs. To that end, l♠️nd$¢♠️pΞ$ is a spirit of openness and transparency: making the installation and its processes part of the display; creating a space to be used freely and creatively; and welcoming the interventions and opinions of many.



Market: Lili & Frenz Minim(art)

29 – 30 January


Join Lili, Frenz and their friends for a shopping day in an in-gallery minimart with a selection of children and adult clothes and goods will be happening within the artworks of Fyerool Darma.



Bebe Little Market (@bebe.little.market)

Fusion Rollz (@fusionrollz)

Our Thrift Shop   (@ourthriftshop.sg)

Pweety Hearts (@pwettyhearts)

SUQ's: The Magical Bazaar (@suqs_rompers)

Teh Tarik Shus Bro (@tehtarikshusbro)

Whisking Wand (@thewhiskingwand)



Performance: Welcoming the Water Tiger

4 February

2:22 pm

Lion Dance performance by Kuo Chuan Arts & Cultural to grace the New Lunar Year.



Talk: Monetising your Art with NFTs

5 February

3 pm


Monetising your Art with NFT's is a talk led by Artist Lei Bing Guo about cryptocurrency and blockchain, and NFT’s which are flooding the art market. Lei shares how artists can monetise their art using this evolving technology.



Free Bakes on Sundays: D’P*KIS by @fugitivebakery

6 – 27 February


Visitors will get free sample of a mini taster box of Kue Pukis from Fugitive Bakery starting today. A popular Indonesian street food, the kuihs will be freshly delivered to Yeo Workshop every Sunday, beginning 6 February.


Fugitive Bakery is an anti-capitalist and anti-academic exercise by Dika+Lija. All cakes are free of charge with free delivery. Be a collaborator through @fugitivebakery on Instagram.


Flavours: not sure. depending on the baker's mood~
Quantity: if got energy, a lot
How to redeem: just take only!

Ingredients: flour, sugar, yeast, eggs, coconut milk, butter, possibly chocolate, cheese, pandan flavouring.



Haka-haka: Tarot Together with Bunga Ng Langit

Wednesday, 23 Feb 2022

4:30 - 6:00 pm


Haka-haka is the realm of the imaginary, asked to get conjured in visual form. Join this workshop for an afternoon of image-centered meaning making/translation of tarot imagery. Together, we can play with making our own vernacular. Bring your deck (if you have one), and coloring tools. We hope to gather a number of 8 people for an afternoon of tarot together.


Bunga ng Langit (when cosmos take form) is your companion in learning cartomancy, astrology and other intuitive languages. 



Lil Krupuk's Silates Athletic School 

Friday, 11 February

Friday, 18 February

Friday, 25 February

11 am – 12 pm


Mat-based pilates fitness class every Friday at 11 am with Karin Oen. 


Energise your Friday mornings with 1-hour mat-based pilates sessions by Lil Krupuk, taking place every Friday till the end of the exhibition. Bring your mat and stretch those limbs amongst the artworks of Fyrool Darma. 


Lil Krupuk, aka Karin Oen, has an abiding love for martial arts, dance, and mat-based fitness. She incorporated the three into Silates — a series of stretches and exercises incorporating dope beatz and open-hand techniques derived from Pencak Silat.


Dress code: comfortable and colorful. Gold or other songket-inspired accessories strongly encouraged.


Bring your own mat.



Children’s Reading Programme: Belajar Membaca Bersama Cikgu G$ & Dinonkinesis

Sunday, 23 January
Sunday, 13 February

Sunday, 27 February

4 – 6 pm


A reading for children and adults by Curator Karin Oen. Join us for storytelling fun suited for all ages.



$ongz 4 the Ξnd of d’ world 

Saturdays, 4 pm


$ongz 4 the Ξnd of d’ world is a weekly sonic sculpture live in the gallery aka playing tunes (Nusantara and beyond) from the artist's playlist, every Saturday at 4pm.