ARTLING | Filippo Sciascia on Breaking Away from the Conventions of Conceptual Art

The Artling Team, The Artling, June 17, 2020

Filippo Sciascia, a Sicilian-born artist based in Bali, is an explorer. Prior to making the tropical island his home in 1998, the artist lived in Italy and America, and studied art at the Institute of Art, Nordio, Trieste and Fine Arts Academy in Florence. Sciascia has exhibited at several venues across Southeast Asia, Europe, and America. His most recent solo presentation ‘GODSPEED’ at Yeo Workshop Singapore in 2019, which investigated the concept of light in multiple contexts, showcased an array of works reflective of his practice and curiosity – from minimalist, abstract, figurative to intricate photorealistic paintings.



A highly experimental artist, Sciascia’s works cross the boundaries between art and science, and move towards the ethereal spheres of universality. Through his varied treatment and thorough exploration of different materials, Sciascia imbues his work with a profound awareness of both past and present. His artistic practice represents a unique examination of wider societal relations between art, nature, and evolution.


This week, The Artling had the opportunity to learn more about Filippo Sciascia and his dynamic, multi-faceted artistic approach. Read on to discover more.